"Taking 200 games with Atlético gives me a lot of strength"

"We are an immense family and I am very happy to belong to her," says Angel Correa, in statements sent by the Red and White communication department.


Atletico Madrid striker Ángel Correa is clear that having exceeded 200 matches as a mattress gives him "a lot of strength to continue for much more" and thanks that the club has always maintained great confidence in him despite having to delay his arrival for that heart problem that was close to preventing "the illusion of a boy to succeed in Europe and in such a big club" .

"It seems that it was yesterday when I arrived and began my first training, and now taking 200 games defending this shield makes me very proud and gives me a lot of strength to continue for much more and I hope it can be like that," Correa said in a statement sent by the communication department of his club.

The South American also recognizes his good attunement with the fans "from day one" that landed in the entity. "They have always treated me very well. We are an immense family and I am very happy to belong to her," he emphasizes while watching a video in the Auditorium of the Wanda Metropolitano in which they put images of his career.

However, not everything was easy for Rosario's, who saw her arrival at Atlético frustrated at first when a heart problem was detected. "I would have liked to go on vacation to New York, but it was where I was born again," he recalls.

"When I come to the medical examination they find me the 'little problem' that I had in my heart and they tell me that I have to go to New York. Dr. Villalón and my representative accompany me, and they were very difficult moments in my life, that I did not I expected because it came with the illusion of a boy to succeed in Europe and in such a big club, "he says.

Correa could not "believe" what was happening, but celebrates that "it is already behind." "I am eternally grateful to Atlético because they helped me at that difficult time. Everything went well and I could continue playing, which was what I most wanted," he adds.

In addition, the midfielder sees images of his first training, in which he could return to "feel like a footballer", of his presentation, one of the "most important" days of his life, his debut, or his first goal, in Ipurua before Eibar "I was just in the field and I think it helped us win that game," he says.

The Argentine also does not forget to have shared costumes with "a legend" like Fernando Torres. "As a footballer, what you have left of him was his person. He left us a lot of lessons to everyone and it was a pleasure to have played by his side," confesses the mattress.

He also considers "history" the goal scored against Athletic Club, the last in Vicente Calderón and something that will be "recorded in the heart for a lifetime", although he warns that on this "very special" day, all the team members they were "half weird" for leaving a stadium where their "strength" resided .

"The team felt very strong there and we had to change and start generating what it conveyed in the Wanda Metropolitano. Today we have already achieved it and when we play in the Metropolitan we enjoy it very much because it is one of the best stadiums in the world ", emphasizes

The Rosario lived with a "great joy" the title of the Europa League 2017-18. "After everything that happened, leaving champion with Atlético, who trusted and continues to trust me, is the best for a player because it is what we prepare for," acknowledges the Argentine, who does not hide that the European Super Cup of Months later, conquered before the "eternal rival", it was "something unique." "Hopefully it will be repeated soon", sentence

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