1x1 of the Royal Society: Only Willian José could repeat history

The Brazilian starts marking as in January, but this time Real ends up losing


Remiro: He made merit interventions in shots from outside the area, although he stopped the balls with difficulties and generated some insecurity to his defense. You must improve your self-esteem.

Zaldua: Again he had to see his faces with the best of the rival team. In this case it was Hazard. Complimentary as usual, he could contribute less in attack than other times, but he closed his band well. With the passing of the minutes he was accusing the tremendous demand of the rivals.

Llorente: It was measured well with the highest players of Real Madrid, Benzema had a hard time finding ways to finish off. Like the rest of the defense, it should have been better placed in the French auction that was 1-1. It seems that the break has been good, should go to more. He played a very demanding game because it is not easy to play with the advanced defense at the Bernabéu.

Aritz Elustondo: He returned to eleven after several days injured and returned to print intensity to the realistic defense. He worked well one on one, but he had to be more on the goals of Benzema and Modric. Leader once again, he kept giving directions and encouragement to his teammates.

Monreal: In his insurance in defense, the game started very well, but he ended up suffering in the second part when Bale left. In the third goal they win their back, although by then the Real already played mismatched looking for the tie. Out of his boots came the great play that could end 0-2 by Willian José.

Zubeldia: The first 30 minutes of the match are for framing. He didn't wrinkle on such a big stage, he put on chevrons and stepped over the Real Madrid midfielders. A pity that this high level that he offered in the first half did not have continuity in the second half, although he kept the type in the worst moments of the game and never stopped measuring himself with the Madrid core.

Merino: He was less active than usual with the ball and did not enter as strongly in the disputes as on other occasions, perhaps because he still noticed discomfort of the injured shoulder. But when he came into contact with the ball he always provided good solutions.

Ødegaard: Like the rest of the Real, its staging was sublime. He enjoyed the ball with impossible passes and wonderful driving, but he lacked continuity. He endured the entire game, but accused the inactivity in the end. It never hides, even in the worst moments. Good business card to return to the Bernabéu ... in two years, of course. The Madrid fans had no compassion for their 'partner' and they hit him everywhere. Point to crack.

Oyarzabal: It was not his best game, he could hardly contribute in attack, although siemore was associated well with Monreal on the left wing. He did not stop running and fighting, but without as much success as in other games. It was replaced by surprise.

Portu: He did not have a good night at the Bernabéu, although he did not stop throwing unchecks. A lot of claw and a lot of fighting, but this time unproductive in the final meters.

William José: The best of the Real in the Bernabéu. At least it was the one who tried it the most and the one who had the most options to score. He made the 0-1 in a ready action and that demonstrates the concentration with which he left. He was able to make it 0-2, but Courtouis stopped him the shot at goal. And with 2-1 he had another option to have done the 2-2. Good meeting of the Brazilian.

Isak: He jumped onto the pitch to change the dynamics of the Real with his stride and speed. He tried, but with little fortune.

Januzaj: Imanol took him out to find more depth on the right wing with his quality and overflow. He wanted the ball, but had very little success. He went unnoticed, although he could be subject to penalty in an action with Sergio Ramos.

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