1x1 of Madrid: Ramos and Carvajal put the goal in Vitoria

The zagueros of the Zidane team settled the match in Mendizorroza in one of the meetings with less presence of Benzema.


Real Madrid defeated (1-2) Alavés in Mendizorroza with goals from Sergio Ramos and Carvajal, two defenses that supplied the goal that this time did not put pichichi Benzema. In addition to the scorers, Kroos and Isco stood out in a match in which Bale returned to the title with a weak performance.


He had a small indecision to a ball dropped from the sky that Carvajal also expected and then made a great intervention to a shot by Lucas Pérez in a play subsequently canceled out of play. He saved all three points with a great stop at 89 'to a shot inside the Manu García area.


Great side game, fulfilling its mission in defense and incisive in attack. He participated in the construction of the goal play and culminated it with a movement of 9 with instinct. Before, he had taken a slap of Pina to the edge of the rest that caused a wound on his forehead.


Fourth title of the season for the Brazilian, who played the penalty in his entry to Aleix Vidal within the area. It still lacks the rapport that Varane has with Ramos. He was reprimanded in the 80 'when interpreting Cuadra Fernández who wasted time.


Hero and villain in the areas. He scored his sixth goal of the season (fifth with Madrid and third in the league) with his powerful stub and committed the penalty that complicated the game to his team with an unnecessary blow to Josel.


Very active in attack but in defense he repeatedly lost his position. This forced Ramos to swing and led to defensive mismatches.


The balance in the center of the field. He failed to see the fifth yellow to ensure his presence in the Classic and the previous match against Valencia.


First ownership for the Welsh since October 5 against Granada and after the controversies with his loss and the scandal with the flag. Some sporadic association with Isco and little else. Lazy match of the Briton, who lacks a point of form and speed. He gave him away, among other plays, a pass to space that Kroos put him at the beginning of the second part.


Discrete game of the Croatian, which was replaced by Valverde in the 80 '. He was reprimanded in 32 'for an entry to Duarte.


Second presence followed in the eleven for the Malaga, who showed his magic and justified Zidane's bet. He was the first to test Pacheco, with a shot that the local goalkeeper caught two times in a play that was born from a British throw-in. His was also the auction whose rejection took advantage of Carvajal to achieve both the victory. He was attentive to his back to cover Marcelo. Zidane removed him in the 90 'to strengthen the defense with the entry of Mendy.


Owner of the midfield. He is being one of the most decisive players facing the opposing goal and gave Ramos the goal assistance in a precise foul on the area. It is the thirteenth goal in which he assists the center in his career.


Disassembled and disappeared. One of the worst matches this season of the League pichichi. Only in Paris and in the derby against Atlético did he intervene less in the area than this midday in Mendizorroza. Valverde did not see him in one of the last plays in which Karim was in a candid goal position


He left at 67 'replacing Gareth Bale. Correct in his interventions. He participated in the play of the goal of Carvajal.


He left Modric in the 80 'to bring work to the center of the field. He sinned from selfishness in a play already in the addition in which he stole the ball and shot outside when he had Benzema by his side.


He replaced Isco in the 90 'to reinforce the defense in the eight minutes he had added.

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