1X1 of Espanyol: Wu Lei makes up Calero's doubts

The blue and white striker took advantage of Bernardo's assistance to match the game against a Getafe who came forward thanks to Mata. The center came out in the picture.

Diego López: He made a good warm-up and this allowed him to show off at the start of the duel. He made a great intervention in the 3 'before a shot from Cucurella. Of course, in the next action he could not do anything before Mata's header. He did a great action with his feet in the first part. In the 70 ', Molina threw the stick.

David López: He threw a heart in many moments of the game and in others he despaired with the referee. It started cold, but it was toned and ended up at a very good level.

Bernardo: He is the key man with the ball stopped. He perfectly combed, on the second post, a corner served by Víctor Sánchez that ended with the goal of Wu Lei.

Calero: He accused the bad start and was overly nervous. It appears in the 0-1 photo. Although he asked for a foul, Mata won the position to sign the Getafe's goal.

Víctor Gómez: He was seen suffering for a few minutes with the internships of Cucurella and Olivera. With the passing of the minutes he was released, participated more in attack and placed several dangerous centers.

Victor Sanchez: It covered a lot of playing ground and tried to temper the mood in moments of maximum tension. He made no mistakes with the ball and was always a help for Marc Roca. It was the first change.

Marc Roca: He tried to give the game one more march when the ball went through his feet. His mission was to overcome the pressure lines of Getafe and find Darder, Pedrosa and Víctor Gómez in good situations.

Darder: Abused the first touch in excess of many minutes, but was not entirely unfortunate. He insistently sought the ball behind the back of the center of the Getafe field and connected well with Pedrosa and Campuzano.

Stone: It went from less to more. He suffered a mishap in the first minutes, but he recovered well. Angel won his back in 27 ', although he reacted well and blocked his cross shot to avoid the 0-2.

Wu Lei: In the 42 'missed a great opportunity. It was an action difficult to explain because when he prepared to shoot at goal, he did not connect the ball well. Of course, he managed to recover a few minutes later because before the break he made the 1-1. You should improve the appearance that you are constantly offside.

Campuzano: He was active and electric. He stole several balls behind Getafe thanks to his struggle and insistence. He did not have excessive scoring chances, but gave air and spaces to Wu Lei.

Vargas: He only lasted four minutes on the pitch. He was injured on the first ball he touched.

Granero: He despaired with the referee. He tried to help in the movement of the ball.

Soni: He debuted with the first Espanyol team. He had a chance and shot very high.

Photos from as.com
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