1x1 Celtic: Pape continues to grow with Oscar

The canterano imposed his physique in the battle raised by Valladolid in the core Olaza and Toro very toned, Lobotka and Denis canceled.


Sergio: Practically one more spectator. He only had a certain job in the first ten minutes, when he responded correctly to a Hervías shot. He risked, sometimes in excess, with the ball on his feet.

Hugo Mallo: He played with fire. He saw a yellow one with a kick to Sandro and he immediately risked committing another foul on the Canary striker. Little demanded in defense, he began adding with danger to the attack, but ended up centering without confidence.

Aidoo: From less to more. Guardiola was anticipated in the 8th minute inside the area. From that moment on, the Ghanaian began to sing and even signed one of his impetuous additions to the front.

Araujo: Not a single mistake. Concentrated on the coverage and blunt to the crossing. He hit a good header in a corner kick.

Olaza: Very complete. More than correct in defense, it generated danger with its centers. He put a golden ball to Santi Mina that the striker failed to finish. Oscar trusts the Uruguayan for corner kicks from the right and his powerful shipments to the area carry poison.

Lobotot: Fallon. The best offensive trick of Valladolid was to suffocate the Slovak at the start of the game to look for kickbacks. Oscar withdrew it at game time.

Pape: Maximum intensity. His physique prevailed in the battle raised by Sergio González in the center of the field. He marked territory defensively and did not hesitate to surprise looking out the area from the second line.

Denis: Missing. It was difficult to find his place before the compact line of four midfielders from Pucelanos He only unbalanced in a dribble he made without touching the ball, causing Joaquin to load with a yellow card.

Sisto: Participatory. Out of his boots came a spectacular 'dry folha' to which Masip responded with a stop. He is a different player than just a few weeks ago and Balaidos dismissed him with applause.

Blades: The smartest. He stole Salisu's wallet twice, to put the direct one into the rival goal and crash into Masip. Missing throws from the front are choking.

Mina: No aim. He had three good opportunities, especially a shot in the 90th minute after a Toro Fernández service that was half a goal. Their deficiencies acting in the band replace them with their combativeness.

Beltrán (entered by Lobotka): Without too much impact on the game. Of course, Lobotka improved, which was not very complicated in this match.

Rafinha (entered by Denis): Quality. Celtic dominance intensified with the Brazilian. He put a pass of Tiralíneas for Mina on the back of the defense.

Toro Fernández (entered through Sisto): Eleven minutes were enough to claim. Fast movements, the best occasion of the second part was invented, but Mina did not succeed in the definition. Oscar praised him at the press conference after the meeting.

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