Yangel Herrera: "We don't look at the position but the next game"

Yangel Clemente Herrera Ravelo (La Guaira, Venezuela, January 7, 1998) is one of the few who has already played at the Bernabéu. The Venezuelan has earned a place in the eleven

Granada returned to Primera. And he has done it with a dreamlike start. Second in the League and five straight games without losing

The sensations are being quite good at this start of the season in Primera. Seven days go by and we are at a great moment both in the group and in the emotional. The matches we have played have been pretty good for us. We have achieved a lot of points so far. The atmosphere of the group has been very good during these days since the competition began.

Now it touches one of the most complicated fields of the championship, the Santiago Bernabéu, and you arrive with the option of placing solo leaders if you win.

These are things that happen in the season, but it's another game that we still have. We always go with the philosophy from match to match. We arrived at the Bernabéu with the intention of going to compete and try to win. We do not look at the position in the table, you have to think about each match without looking at the classification.

Is it a more special match because of being Real Madrid and visiting the Bernabéu or do they take it in the same way as if it were any other match?

Obviously not because we know the requirement that is to play against Real Madrid. It is one of the best teams in the world, it cannot be compared to playing against Leganés or another First team. We are aware of who we are going to play against. But the preparation of the game and our emotional mentality have not varied much from the last games. We are focused on going out to compete all the matches, as we have done so far, that is our goal.

The truth is that they won Barcelona with superiority. Do you think that important victory reinforces the idea of the team?

Partly yes. We have shown that before any team against which we have faced we have gone out to compete, always with the same willingness to play, either against a smaller rival, with respect for all the teams in the competition, that is, a higher level rival . Our mentality has always been the same during what we have been in Liga.

You are one of the few players in Granada who already knows what it is to play at Santiago Bernabéu. He did it last year with Eibar. What do you remember about that match?

Yes, last year I had the joy of playing at the Bernabéu against Real Madrid with Eibar. We lost 3-2. I remember that the details are fundamental. We have to take care of every detail as if it were the last, there are players with a lot of quality in the field. If you take a moment, they make you pay dearly at any time. And that we have to take care of ourselves on Saturday to get something positive.

They were about to win if it didn't happen to be for Benzema's goal in the final minutes

Yes, they beat us on the last play with Karim Benzema's goal and that is one of the reflections that I stay: you can be fine during the whole match and in a detail you get confused and they make you pay dearly.

To win at the Bernabéu it is clear that you have to be one hundred percent during the 90 minutes of play ...

When you play against this type of rivals, such as Real Madrid or Barcelona, you have to be in the whole game, taking care of every detail, each player being one hundred percent, focused on the game and with a great concentration during the 90 minutes Let the encounter last. It is one of the priorities.

On Tuesday, Real Madrid could not pass the draw against Bruges at home. Does that stumbling block and the mood of the Bernabéu make Zidane's team more dangerous?

No, I think we know what Real Madrid is like and what Real Madrid is. We cannot judge them for a bad game or for a good match to draw conclusions from a team like Madrid. We have to draw conclusions from us, taking care of every detail of tomorrow's game to get something positive.

After a hard preseason where an injury prevented him from starting with the team it seems that he has already taken a place in the starting lineup of Diego Martínez.

During the preseason I had the bad luck of having a small tear and not having that much-needed continuity in preseason. I could not train at the level of my teammates or play the preparation games. Therefore, I did not arrive in time to play the first league games, because I still lacked the pace of the game. But every time I have been feeling better with the team and with that touch of minutes. I have been very good and I hope to have that continuity until the end of the season to help the team.

At the moment it seems that he is getting better with Ángel Montoro. Are you comfortable with the Valencian player?

Yes, I already said that when the games went by and it started to take minutes I was going to improve, also thanks to the teammates and the coach. Diego is quite demanding and I know that I will learn a lot at his command. With the passing of the games I will learn more things and I hope to maintain the level so I can help the team as much as possible throughout the season.

How are you in Granada? Do you like the city, the atmosphere?

Granada has given me much just how little I have been able to see so far. The city, the people ... are very happy people and it is a culture similar to what there is in South America, with a lot of life on the street, and I am really liking the city. I am very comfortable here.

He highlighted in his country, Venezuela, and drew the attention of Manchester City, of which he is still a player. He has gone through MLS, Eibar and now Granada, but where does he want to be in the future?

My goal is to be able to make a great campaign here, in Granada and leave the team at the top. Lugo we'll see. Let's see if I have the opportunity to go to Manchester City or stay here in Granada, that will be seen at the end of the season. I am very comfortable here, but until the end of the course ...

In the City he trained with Guardiola, how is it?

It was an incredible experience to train with Guardiola, to be with technicians and people of that size, players of that talent and who are world-class. It was a great experience for me to share that with them.

It is international with a Venezuela that has found a generation that can give many joys in the near future.

I think Venezuela has made a pretty good change and people are excited. We have a lot of youth in the team, players with little experience, a pretty good combination that we have shown for three years that we have made a major change competing with the great teams. We are on the right track and we hope to take Venezuela to a World Cup with this generation

How football player, what is your dream?

Playing a World Cup with Venezuela is one of my biggest dreams. Also being able to play the Champions League and be in one of the top teams worldwide. I hope that all is fulfilled.

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