Vicente Moreno: "If one perseveres and insists, football is fair"

The coach of Mallorca does not trust Espanyol, which has influenced the detail that all his points have been obtained at home.

Real Mallorca receives Espanyol in Son Moix this Sunday in a clash between two teams that already appeal to the qualifying urgencies and in the case of Mallorca with the need to win for a team that has not won a win since the first day party and has only added one more point of the eighteen disputed.

However, despite this, the Mallorcan coach, Vicente Moreno, remains optimistic by stating that "if one perseveres and insists, football is fair and gives you what you deserve", adding that "we are in a good line that does not it translates into results or goals, in which everything also penalizes us a lot, but seeing how we also do things well, not everything is done badly, and it is about insisting and improving on what can be improved, that that too there is .

About Espanyol, Moreno acknowledges that "in the league he is also in need" although he especially emphasizes that "he has added in all the exits, all the points they have won them out, I don't know how they are at home but outside they prove to be a difficult team and that usually add up, and that is a more added difficulty to the game. " In summary, Moreno points out that "we play against a team that has a bad time in the league but performs well in the Europa League," referring to the victory of the Catalans in Moscow last Thursday.

On the emotional state of his team, the vermilion coach believes that "the head is the most important thing mixing with everything else, because at a table if you are taking off legs, in the end it falls, that's why all the legs are important, and we are aware that in many cases we do things well and football has to be fair with us ".

Finally, the coach added that he is being somewhat unfair with the criticism of Lago Junior and did not want to express himself on whether the team will need to be reinforced in winter, pointing out in that sense that "I am the coach and I dedicate myself to train what I have, and to those who for me they are the best players, from the beginning it was clear what my role was and that question is for other people "in clear reference to the club.

In sports, it is intuited that the central Antonio Raíllo will return to the team recovered from his cervical injury that has had him off the pitch for a few weeks.

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