Valencia's Twitter goes into blocking mode in the face of criticism

The response of the official accounts of Valencia to the criticism that Anil Murthy is receiving on social networks following the Cañizares case has been the massive blockade.

Valencia, its official social networks, has been put into blocking mode. From numerous Twitter accounts it is being reported that they have been blocked by Valencia as a result of criticisms expressed towards the club or specifically towards the figure of President Anil Murthy, most of them in response (some with insults) to Murthy's decision to freeze an initiative to combat childhood cancer at the proposal of Santiago Cañizares.

In times in which the clubs are looking for more and more followers in social networks, those of Valencia, at least today, have dedicated themselves to the opposite. The blockades, although other sports clubs in Spain also perform them from time to time, reach the official accounts of Valencia after a few weeks in which they have been protagonists for their comments and their strategy.

The tweet that Valencia hung after the match against Barcelona was criticized, in a week in which no one from the club had given any explanation about Marcelino's dismissal and the first message with a certain institutional rank was a "It's what there is". Days later a mysterious and ephemeral 'hacking' of President Anil Murthy's account took place.

An ecliptic message on Thursday night in the official English account of Valencia, minutes after Cañizares gave his version of the reason for the stoppage of the solidarity initiative, ignited the tweeters who understood it as a 'mockery' of the campaign promoted by the goalkeeper and legend of Valencia. The tweet consisted of three emoticons of hands with fingers making the victory gesture, a gesture used by the Foundation 'The Dream of Vicky' with which Cañizares collaborates as a symbol of the fight against childhood cancer.

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