Valencia: Celades does not take his eyes off Carlos Soler

Since the medium returned, the technician has been very aware of him. He knows the importance of '8' in the system he wants to implement.

The great news of Soler's return undoubtedly pleased all the fondness for the love he has for the youth player. However, if there was someone who celebrated 'the Chinese' stepping on the green again, that was Albert Celades. The Catalan has many expectations in the young Valencian footballer and therefore, since he returned he has not taken his eye off.

Celades is a dialogue and close technician. And with Soler, even more. Throughout the last sessions it has been possible to see how the coach has been very aware of his football player not only at the level of tactical instructions, but also pampering him and making him see how important it will be in his scheme. Those close to the technician had transmitted on more than one occasion that the Catalan expected Carlos as May water, so he has not hesitated to show his confidence from the first minute.

The canterano still has a little left to keep up with his teammates, however, his presence in the Wanda Metropolitano is not ruled out and it is intended that Lille can get into the field on the pitch. At the moment, although he was very happy with Marcelino, Soler has found in Celades the best way to re-engage and engage in a system where he was already with the technician in the U-21.


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