Tour 2020 route: decisive climbing chrono in La Planche

The tour will be officially presented on October 15. The departure will be in Nice and will end on July 19, one week before the race at the Games.

Less than three months have passed since Egan Bernal was crowned in Paris as a flamboyant winner of the Tour de France with only 22 years (in his second participation) and the route of the next Grande Boucle is about to make his start long. It will be on October 15 in the capital of France and, although no official tour has been published to date, many leaks have emerged in recent weeks about possible decisive stages that, with a high degree of probability, will be present in the 2020 round.

On June 27, the race will depart from Nice, a week earlier than usual, with the intention of runners having enough time to face the Olympic Games. However, this will be minimal, since the 2020 Tour will end on July 19, only six days before the men's elite test is played at the Tokyo Games.

Beyond this, which is the only sure thing in the itinerary of the next Tour, on the VeloWire website they have analyzed the probable decisive points of the next roadmap of the race, as is usual in recent editions. In broad strokes, the race could face some high mountain day in the first week of the race, following the Pyrenees in the second and the decisive Alps in the third

Among the most important peaks that the runners must overcome in the first half of the Tour include the Col de Portet d'Aspet, Col des Ares, Port de Bales and Col de Peyresourde. Once this phase is over, the final leg of the race will be resolved, as usual in recent seasons, in the high mountains. Christian Prudhomme, director of the Grande Boucle, has been inclined to this type of career closure by placing a high mountain stage as close as possible to the last day with the arrival in Paris.

But by 2020, the excitement would be guaranteed in abundance if the advance by the newspaper L'Est Republicain was confirmed, which affirmed the possibility that the penultimate stage of the Tour is a true hand in hand among the aspirants to the yellow jersey in the form of climbing chrono. The stage would be La Planche des Belles Filles, with a length between 16 and 25 kilometers. On October 15, at the Congress Palace in Paris, we will see if this dream ending becomes a reality ...

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