Thomas is also the 'boss' at Alcobendas Sport

The Ghanaian midfielder is one of the owners of the Madrid Third Division club. Javi Baños, who recruited him for Atlético, is the team coach.

"Thomas does not forget those who are below, what he worked to get to where he is now and what he is doing at Alcobendas Sport is a form of thanks." Javi Baños is the coach of the Madrid Third Division club of which Atlético midfielder is, since July 31, one of its owners. The Alcobendas Sport stayed one step away from ascending to Second B last season, but the former owners got rid of the team. Thomas enthusiastically received the proposal of his agents from the JJ Sport agency and became, together with them, one of the four partners of the new project. And for the bench, who better than Javi Baños, who already recruited Thomas for Atlético in the youth category. And is that the story of the arrival of Thomas in Spain would give for a great movie script. His agents received the notice of a partner and went to see that Ghanaian boy with traces of hierarchy player. In 2011, almost without thinking, Thomas moved to Madrid and Javi Baños tested him in a friendly against Getafe. "At the break we had already seen the player who was going to be. It made a difference and we stayed at Atlético. He had a spectacular and very humble pass accuracy, at the end of the training he came to shake your hand and thank you for what you had taught him. Many years have passed and I still see that same Thomas. With a great affection for Atlético and very grateful. "

Since then his career has only accelerated, but there is always a place to remember what football has given him and wants to help others. In this way, the Ghanaian media has enthusiastically welcomed its role in Alcobendas Sport. It is not strange to see him in the stands of Luis Aragonés during the matches, nor to follow any training session on the field. "Now he is the boss, we say affectionately, he gives his opinion on what he sees and the partners want to take this as high as possible, that a name be made in Spanish football, that projects players and grows as far as possible," he explains Baños, which is not surprising the hierarchy that Thomas has acquired in Atlético. The medium has revealed itself as an "indispensable" player in this season start and those who saw him start confirm what attracted them to him.

"I have observed that it has greatly improved its arrival in the rival area, its completion, although it has always been a five of those that covers the field in front of the defense; the effectiveness in the pass is equal, enormous and, above all, maintains that which made it different, it is always important in important matches, "says the coach, also rojiblanco from the heart, remembering what he saw in the derby against Real Madrid and regretting that the Turin clash of the previous season was lost. "With him, it would have been different," he laments. Through his hands, in his six years at Atlético, other career youth players such as De Gea, Dominguez, Rubén Pérez, Camacho, Lucas, Theo ... "Today they are first level and it is a satisfaction when you see them do something in the field of what you taught them, "explains Baños, underlining what it costs in Spain to value the figure of the youth player. "It is an endemic evil of Spanish football," complains the coach who is now proud to see Thomas give advice to his boys.

The media does not miss a match. If you don't go to the field, follow them by streaming. "It is considered one more at the foot of the field, involved, very close, especially to the Africans we have, try to return what they gave him and his criteria is very accurate," says his former technician. For now, the first step is Consolidate the project. The purchase operation was carried out in a hurry less than a month after starting to compete and there are still things to do. There was little time to tie all the sporting details, but the Alcobendas Sport is competing. The team visits Alcalá tomorrow with the intention of continuing to climb the classification and Thomas will not miss detail.

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