This would be the Suzuka grill if there is no classification on Sunday

If the classification could not be held on Sunday morning, the grid will be set according to Friday's free. Ferrari somewhat away and Sainz was seventh.

Work is accumulated in Suzuka after the track activity is suspended on Saturday with a threat present, beyond Hagibis himself: if on Sunday there is no time to make a classification (due to the condition of the track after the passage of a Typhoon, for cleaning, because there was no time to prepare for the race), a legal vacuum can lead to the grid being set according to the times of the second free training. And this afternoon session on the Japanese track left Bottas as the fastest with Hamilton at a tenth and Verstappen, almost three.

Mercedes scares, they have won in Suzuka since Formula 1 is a hybrid, and the driver who a few weeks later was proclaimed world champion (Hamilton in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018; Rosberg in 2016) has always won. Its eclético first sector, with five variants of high speed seemed territory of the silver arrows, but they build their advantage on Ferrari in the second, the one of the slowest vertices and the fork. Leclerc finished at three tenths and Vettel at six, with no option to improve because of traffic on his last attempt, which arrived on the checkered flag, something unusual at the end of a Free 2. Because on the wall they were aware that here could be forming a grill

Carlos Sainz had a fine Friday, of those who anticipate good Sundays, and that began with a scare and a virtual security car as soon as the traffic light went out in the morning, "loss of power" due to an electrical failure. But it was nothing serious, the MCL34 here works and the Madrid march seventh, comfortable leader of the middle class with three tenths of advantage over his most immediate pursuer, Sergio Pérez (Racing Point) .

Behind, Raikkonen is toned again to close the top-10 and the middle area points to the great disappointment, so far, of the weekend: Renault. They premiered front wing and would have been eliminated in Q1 if this had been the qualifying session, Ricciardo 17th and Hulkenberg, 18th, only in front of Williams. It already happened to them in France, with an aggressive package of improvements that served, be it redundancy, to improve. It would have been a disaster if this were the ultimate grill. Although if Sunday morning the asphalt is impracticable and the wind prevents a Formula 1 event, it may be

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