The spinal cord of the Lega in the derby points to the second unit

The injuries have reduced the trident usually head of Pellegrino: Rubén Pérez is low and Oscar, doubt. Recio, Eraso, Rivera and Arnáiz, candidates.

Injuries have become a problem added to the complicated situation of Leganés. If in the first days the defense was the most punished area (now the troops return), this time the turn has come to a spinal decline with notable absences. Of his titular trio only Roque Mesa will be available with certainty in front of Getafe. Rubén Pérez (one-two months off) will not be able to appear and Óscar Rodríguez (tear in the quadriceps) is a serious doubt. In the Coliseum everything points to the time for the second unit.

In the case of José Recio, it is normal for his presence at the eleven to become routine. At least until the return of Rubén Pérez. The Malaga player is the team player that best suits the pivot position in addition to Rubén himself.

Before the Levante already played at the beginning of the announcement of Pellegrino ("Yes, Recio will play") in a show of confidence that the 8 returned with a great game. Hyperactive, he occupied the field with solvency both in the development (92.5% of success, second player with more passes, 67) and in the destruction (three steals and two blocked shots). The waste of effort of the Lega, despite the defeat, was partly his fault.

Óscar's doubt and four options

A Óscar, if he didn't arrive, could supply a good handful of candidates. The logic of the course start says that Javi Eraso is the favorite. Against Atlético B in the friendly this week he formed a start and did it again, with his usual seriousness and silent efficiency. Little flashy, but almost always compliant. At the beginning of the season, Pellegrino gave him the starting gallons and the Navarrese responded by also providing balance despite the defeats against Osasuna and Atlético. Since then he has not returned to ownership. He only played 8 more minutes against Villareal. Despite this, he is the fourth player in the team with the best passing percentage: 82.6% .

They also oppose to be possible replacements of Oscar other three pickles. Pellegrino has tried Christian Rivera in several training sessions as a right-handed interior. The Spaniard has as a handicap his late arrival to the team and, therefore, his lack of pace. He has played two friendlies (Alcorcón and Atlético B) and has only been summoned once, against Levante.

Fede Varela is another option, but in your case also the lack of minutes is a problem. On Wednesday he returned to play from July 25, when he played against Raja Casablanca. Until this last friendly against Atlético had only competed in that duel and against Fuenlabrada. Missing filming.

And Arnáiz? The talaverano extreme has more offensive soul than midfielder. Pellegrino has slipped that can be adapted to several positions, although he has almost always placed it glued to the band, either as a starter (only against Villarreal) or as revulsive (all other occasions). His candidacy is feasible, but more disruptive. Perhaps what a Leganés needs in which injuries have become an added problem.

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