The return of Esteban Burgos

The Argentine central played the 70 minutes of the friendly against Toulouse and hopes to be available to Barcelona.

The meeting in Pau against Toulouse last Thursday left a bitter taste. Both for the result, and for the inability to solve the technical problems of a blackout that ended the match in the 70th minute. A friendly after which the armored squad has taken part until Monday 14, when he must return to training starting from 5:00 p.m. in Atxbalpe.

However, and before starting an intense week of training to prepare for the match against FC Barcelona, the match against Toulouse left one of the best possible news for Mendilibar: The return of injury from the Argentine central Esteban Burgos. The player played all the minutes of the match after causing a loss since August for an ankle injury he suffered at the end of last season in Alcorcón. A return that, from the club, they hope, lasts in time, since the Argentine central could jump to the pitch before the Mirandés in a previous international break, but after which he returned to relapse from his injury.

After a bad start to the defensive season, it seems that Mendilbar will finally have the option of a pure center as an alternative to Ramis and Paulo Oliveira, after leaving to glimpse that he does not trust Bigas for that position, even reconverting to midfielder Sergio Álvarez As last line back. Esteban Burgos was, in fact, the only movement in the summer market back, in a position that, with the fragility of Ramis' injuries, has been compromised at times and was calling for the recovery of Burgos as water of May.

Waiting to catch the pace of competition, once recovered, it will be the player who must demonstrate his quality by earning a place in an eleven that has gone from less to more in the first days of the League, but which still has much to improve to show your maximum level of competition

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