The Nets win the Lakers in the Chinese controversy game

The duel was disputed amid a crisis between China's relations with the NBA. Ephemeral debut of Irving and end of heart attack that opts on the side of the Nets.

Atypical week for the NBA. The preseason of the best League in the world continues its course and the set-up of the different teams continues when there are less than two weeks left before the start of the 2019-20 basketball course. However, basketball players are not the protagonists on this occasion. The Lakers-Nets played in Shanghai has been overshadowed by a tweet by Daryl Morey, General Manager of the Rockets, who has unleashed a perfect storm that has put the values of the American competition in check and in doubt the celebration of a very expected

After a few days of cross-declarations and moral controversy in which each one looked for their interests, the malaise in China became evident with the suspension of the press conference prior to the meeting between the Angels and the Brooklyn team. Silver tried to manage the situation, the players were upset and each basketball personality measured his words to the millimeter so as not to wreak havoc on an open wound that transcends beyond mere sport.

In the end and to avoid greater evils the dispute of the meeting was decided in extremis as planned. Of course, the Chinese Government has not wanted their protest to be ignored and they have been responsible for removing many of the promotional posters that announced the duel ... and the publicity that traditionally appears in the stadiums during the NBA meetings. Many theories are handled, but the most supported by American journalists is that the intention of this fact was that the NBA feel what it is like to play a party without sponsors. The war does not end here, that is clear, although the non-suspension of the party has avoided evils that could have been much greater.

The meeting, of course, left clues of what we can see this season. The first part had neither rhythm nor speed. Game locked, fouls everywhere and many stops for 24 minutes that lasted for more than an hour and a half and that only left a minute of Kyrie Irving: the base did not have its best debut with the Nets. He left the holder, but received a blow to the mask he was wearing in the first minute and did not jump back on track.

The first two quarters ended with a matched score (57-54) and with some Lakers who found it hard to find the touch (only 22 points in a bad second period) but had LeBron as a reference on the track. The years do not pass for the King, who finished the game with 20 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists in just 25 minutes of play.

After the break, both teams came out with another face. Frenzied pace, crazy game and exchange of baskets without either team managing to overcome an advantage of 10 or more points. Good minutes of Rondo in this period (18 + 6 + 5 at the end), which proved to be in good shape despite going to blows and finished with 2 of 3 in triples, a good precedent for a base that has never stood out in the launch but that can give a lot to your team if you stay regular in that aspect and get the shots open.

The last period was for the intention of the Lakers, who played it against the young team of the Nets, who left good feelings despite not having Kyrie or Durant. Vogel sat Davis (16 points) LeBron and Rondo and gave responsibilities to people like Caruso, Howard or an impressive McGee (6 + 10 + 1 + 3 + 5 in 19 minutes). Also to young people like Jackson or Norvell, who don't have a guaranteed position in the team. And to Caldwell-Pope, another man who is expected a lot.

The match between the youths of one and the other team opted for the side of the Nets, which had the contribution of Prince (18 points), Pinson (16) and Musa (10), after covered players who can give many joys to the Big Apple franchise. They accompanied Dinwiddie well in a final marked by mistakes. Caruso lost the ball when the Lakers were at one point and then Caldwell-Pope missed the triple that would have sent the game to extra time after a fourth quarter in which the Atkinsons left but did not sentence.

They did not do it precisely for Norvell, a promising rookie who scored five straight points to tie a game in which he left very good feelings. It is one of the best conclusions that the Lakers can draw from the clash beyond the always good level of LeBron and a Rondo that seems fit. The Nets meanwhile maintain a promising young base at the expense of seeing how far they can go in regular season, when they will have Kyrie Irving, their star.

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