The Leganés, to turn the page after the arbitration mess against the Levant

The pickers wait for the audio of the VAR to elaborate their resource. No one from the FEF or the referees has called the entity to explain the play.

Almost 48 hours after the arbitration scandal that shook Butarque on Saturday, Leganés prefers to turn the page, avoid noise and focus on sports, a situation that suffocates the pickles with only two points of 24 possible. This, however, does not mean that the club does not work on the appeal that after the match against Levante announced its president, Victoria Pavón, and for which the club will request the repetition of the match from the minute in which it was marked as a penalty the foul outside the Siovas area to Roger.

In Butarque they are waiting for the Spanish Federation (FEF) to make available to the pickles the audio and the complete images of the VOR room, material that had not yet arrived at the end of Sunday. Nor had any communication from the FEF itself or the Referee Technical Committee to explain the play in question or apologize for the matter. Zero

Once the Leganés has all that material, he will prepare the brief with which he will try to play the clash again. According to the current regulation that governs the VAR it is quite complicated that your request can succeed. However, from the public point of view, the club has managed to put the spotlight on the unfairness of its situation with a high volume of echo, something that surely would not have been achieved with a simple statement.

The derby, next challenge

Meanwhile, the team will follow its own. To train and prepare the duel of the next day, in front of the Getafe (derby of the south of Madrid) on Saturday at 18:30 in the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum. The staff will train during the whole week tomorrow open door at the Butarque Sports Facility and on the weekend they will enjoy rest to return on Monday 14 (probably late) .

In the locker room they lick the wounds of the duel before the Levant after a weekend in which the feeling of helplessness, rage and anger has flooded its members, not only because of the arbitral mess, but also by how the Levant avoided a win How well it could have happened. In any case, the group is confident that the permanence can be carried forward despite such a complicated panorama.

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