The Herbalife Gran Canaria left the best for last

Granca dilutes MoraBanc Andorra after a great last quarter. Beqa Burjanadze, Demonte Harper and Matt Costello were the best.

In a cyclothymic game, with large partials for both teams, Gran Canaria waited until the last period to offer its best repertoire and sentence the victory against Morabanc Andorra which forces lasted 30 minutes, just what took Burjanadze , in his best game with the yellow shirt, to take action. And in what way.

The duel began at full speed and also with a colorful exchange of baskets. Harper threatened to distance Gran Canaria after a 2 + 1 which was 7-4, but the boys of Ibón Navarro kept the pulse at all times. So much so, that Massenat finished a partial 0-6 to put Andorra with an advantage: 9-12. He continued to percuss the visitor formation, crammed as the Herbalife looked, in any case with the two teams exhausted after its fast-paced start, and a basket of Jelinek left him 14-19 at the end of the first quarter.

The premises seemed breaded until Matt Costello, another white blackbird 'hunted' by Berdi Pérez, went into action. The American pivot chained a matte, a plug to Llovet and a triple to give Granca the lead again, 22-21, after an 8-0 run. Todorovic cut the sangria with a triple, but was immediately answered from the same distance by Cook, so the yellows continued to dominate the score: 25-24.

In spite of feeling the visitor's breathing very close, the locals continued to dominate the times of the game, and between Okoye and Burjanadze, with a pat after a free kick missed by the Nigerian outside themselves, they gave Gran Canaria the maximum income so far: 31-23. After a final arreón, Andorra cut the sale somewhat when arriving at the break, 38-33, triple Massenat included to close the first 20 minutes of play.

It seemed that Gran Canaria could sentence the contest even in the third quarter. Thus, two triple Shurna and Harper, plus a 2 + 1 that Costello took Sy, put the premises with a clarifier 47-35 in their favor. Costello himself had put the game by flag, making the 49-37 and adding up to that point 11 points, 5 rebounds and 17 valuation credits. Not happy with that, he plugged the triple of 52-39 and forced Ibón Navarro to stop the game with 4:57 to be played in this period.


Then the Morabanc Andorra reacted in a fulminating way. Tyson Pérez collected a 2 + 1 to cut the sale to 8, 52-44, and Jelinek scored a triple in the absence of 2:51 that forced Katsikaris to stop the match against the rival approach: 52-47. The yellows did not react at all, and between a tremendous mate of the active Tyson and a triple of Todorovic, the whole of the principality reaped a partial of 0-13 in favor to tie at 52. In the end, the Burjanadze basket gave him some respite to Herbalife, 54-52, after a few disastrous minutes.

Between the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the last, 9 points in a row from the Georgian interior, with two triples included, kept Gran Canaria with an advantage, 61-55, and a counterattack prompted Navarro to stop the game, with 6: 20 still to be played, which threatened to break: 65-55. It was no use this break to Moraban Andorra. Burjanadze was still sweet, and a technique to the protest bench visitor ended up in a free kick by Bourousis who sentenced the game with that 74-58 and just under three minutes ahead of the game

After this duel, Gran Canaria and Andorra balance their balance, 2-2, before visiting the Palau and receiving one of the leaders, San Pablo Burgos, respectively. The yellows, in addition, add the second consecutive victory.

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