The cyclist Juan Permuy and Jesús Calleja, protagonists in 'Cofidis, pedaling with you'

The cyclist Juan Permuy, member of the Cofidis team of Paralympic Promises, tells his personal story and 'Cofidis, pedaling with you' along with the adventurer Jesus Calleja.


Cyclist Juan Permuy, a member of the Cofidis team of Paralympic Promises, tells his personal story in the fourth chapter of the web series 'Cofidis, Cycling with you' together with the adventurer Jesus Calleja, ambassador of the project, who launches support in social networks under the label # Hugs for Your Arms

Juan Permuy is a 21-year-old Galician cyclist who joined the Cofidis team in 2019 and tells his story of self-improvement through his own story and that of his parents. This restless and struggling young man has faced adversity with a very special character and the strength of his arms moving a handbike.

With a tetraplegia caused by an accident when he was a child, his history of growth through his spirit and cycling serves as an example for anyone.

In the chapter, Jesús Calleja accompanies Juan Permuy during a training with the handbike. During the meeting they meet the athlete Ricardo Ten, who, with seven medals (three of them, gold) in swimming at the Paralympic Games, has changed discipline to compete on the bike. Ten has been proclaimed world champion in track and road in this 2019.

At the end of the chapter, Calleja launches a challenge to support Juan Permuy in social networks: travel 200 virtual kilometers, each one achieved thanks to a publication with the hashtag #AbrazosParaSusBrazos. And, as Juan himself says, "giving up is not an option."

Cofidis opened the web series in 2018 to get to know some members of its Paralympic Promises Team more closely and humanely, an initiative that has been promoted with the support of the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) and the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC).

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