The clubs meet with Anil to ask for explanations

Fede Sagreras, president of the Association of Valencian Peñas, has met with the president to let him know the discomfort by his gesture.

The Peñas del Valencia have acted after the media earthquake in which Valencia lives immersed since Cañizares made public that the club had not collaborated with the childhood cancer foundation of which he is a participant. Until now, there was an actor who had not spoken, the Agrupación de Peñas. The movement took place today when Fede Sagreras, president of the aforementioned group, met this morning with Anil Murthy to convey the disagreement with the manager's gesture last Saturday with the fans and the controversy with Cañizares.

Sagreras himself recognized him in an interview with the SER Chain, in which he stressed that "he did not like the gesture to silence the fans" and that he obviously "does not share it". That said, Sagreras has also confirmed that Murthy has given him the pertinent explanations and that, at least he does believe them. But despite this, he has transferred to Anil that the current situation is unsustainable: "We have told him that this cannot be continued and that we must have another attitude towards the fans, we must empathize with it," he said.

Finally, he has denied that Cañizares is running a campaign against property: "I don't think anyone has used him (to Cañizares). He lost a son and nothing worse could happen to you." He has also pointed out that it is true that there is a rock that has given him "a letter against Peter Lim" and that he is aware that many people are against the Asian. However, he concluded by saying that "they will help so that the fans do not live a moment as unpleasant as Saturday's day" .

The communiqué of the Association

The board of directors meeting in extraordinary session on October 10, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. wishes to inform all the clubs and peñistas that make it up that L 'Agrupació de Penyes Valencianistes through its manifests or actions represents 353 rocks and more than 20,000 rockers so you must be especially sensitive in the expression of opinion. Likewise and respecting the opinion of each of its member clubs, there is a communication channel available to receive those circumstances, suggestions or complaints that the clubs may raise. This communication channel between Agrupació de Penyes Valencianistes and Peñas is open since the inauguration of this directive and we hope it will be maintained.

Before the events experienced in recent months, this directive decided on September 18, 2019 to request a meeting with the club in order to express the malaise of the group. Waiting for this meeting date, new situations arise highlighting the gesture of the President of Valencia CF on October 5. Following this very serious event and as a result of the board meeting, an urgent meeting with the President is requested on October 7. The club's response comes on October 8 by calling a meeting on the 10th of the same month.

At this meeting the gesture that took place in the box of Mestalla has been recriminated to the President and demanded a public apology, bringing him the malaise of the collective for such disrespect, to which the President has asked us for forgiveness acknowledging his mistake.

Likewise, the disagreement with the way of making decisions has been transmitted and they have been made to see the disaffection caused by the little empathy that is demonstrated in the actions taken and in the absence of explanations provided.

Concern has also been expressed about the climate of tension caused by all the decisions taken and urged the President to take the necessary actions to restore normalcy in the club.

We emphasize that our concerns have been addressed and we want them to be positively assessed

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