The Clippers are very serious: review the Warriors in their new home and without regard

The Angels are on a roll: behind the Lakers, the Warriors. Coral game, triple everywhere and controlled match. The new Chase Center fell silent.


The Clippers razed the Chase Center, the new home of the Golden State Warriors. It was the first official game there for the NBA runners-up and his rival, after winning the Lakers in the season opening derby, gives another serious warning to the entire League. Victory 122-141 and an amazing facility for the amateur.

The locals started lethargic, who knows if they are cold because of the lack of competition or distracted by the surrounding environment: guitarist Carlos Santana playing the anthem, the injured Klay Thompson addressing fans in the previous ... The case is that Angels, by the hand of Ivica Zubac, cooked a spectacular partial to open: 2-16. This was answered by the great hope for this season, one for which the debut was twofold: D'Angelo Russell. The former Nets not only scored the first Warriors basket in his new home, but he put ten straight points and a spoiler in the body of the noisy Golden State fans. It was to regain a lot of advantage and focus on the game.

But the rotation is a weapon that separates these two sets just the opposite that it has done in recent years: the Clippers now have a tremendous wardrobe and the Warriors are fairer. When Kerr opened the door to the bankers, Curry joined Jacob Evans, Jordan Poole, Eric Paschall and Mark Chriss. No hot cloths: they don't give the level. Lou Williams, eternal sixth man, gave them soups with waves since he left the field despite the effort shown by Steph Curry to row and row at the end of the first period.

The locals tried to counteract some strong points of the rival, but stayed in desire. Robinson tried to defend Leonard and got it first, but it was just taking a temperature. Kawhi, after some difficulty, put the roller to work; I didn't have to score so much, that I also had to direct the orchestra. His 9 assists are a personal record and also allowed others like Ivica Zubac (16 + 10) or Patrick Patterson (6 triples, also his best brand) to shine in an important game. Kill two birds with one stone, which is usually said: win well and, above all, get two partners to compete at the highest level.

Every local attempt did not pass from there, from a test to see if those of 'Doc' Rivers faltered. And it didn't work out. In fact, I was going to go further. Leonard went to rest with his homework, Moe Harkless came in, and Montrezl Harrell was scared of the painting. 46 points scored in Los Angeles in the third quarter, one of its best brand since the franchise plays in the aforementioned city. In another, where this was played, San Francisco, they were dumb.

There wasn't much else to scratch. The trash minutes were four, but the last quarter was full. The Clippers had devastated this meeting, which was supposed to be a celebration for some Warriors who come down to earth and demonstrate what is going on from now on in the Western Conference.

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