The best Harden (59) returned in a match for history: 317 points between the two!

It is the biggest score in a match without extensions in the 21st century and the third in history. Harden chains 6 seasons with meetings of more than 50 points.


James Harden finally appeared last season. And he did it in the type of party that can best represent him: the one with the highest score of the 21st century without extensions. Because in the 48 minutes of play the Washington Wizards and the Houston Rockets dedicated themselves to putting baskets until they reached 317 points combined. Something that had not happened since November 2, 1990 with a Warriors 162 - Nuggets 158. A real past for attack lovers and a hell for those who enjoy defense. But a game that is part of the story, like it or not.

The first quarter of the Wizards was the worst in scoring of either team. And they finished with 34! Bradley Beal also had his best game so far this season (46 + 6 + 8 and 3 steals), but he had bad luck, as has happened to some other player, to be eclipsed by an exhibition of James Harden. The Beard, who had started the course by failing triple at an industrial rate (6/40 until this match), took off the bad taste of one. 59 points signed the escort with 18 of 32 in field shots and 6 of 14 from the perimeter, in addition to putting the final free kick that gave the victory to his team. This is the sixth consecutive season in which Harden gets some game of +50 points, an amount that places him only behind Wilt Chamberlain, who did it ten times in a row between 1959 and 1969. By the way, that +55 points Harden and Beal +45 is the second time two opponents have done after Gilbert Arenas (60) and Kobe Bryant (45) in 2006.

Evidently this is a match of data and records. And not all positive in the case of the premises. Because the Wizards are the second team to lose a game by getting 158 points in the regular time. And it is also the victory by a single point with such a high score. All this was thanks to a tremendous success of both teams. The Wizards signed 62.6% in field shots and 55.6% in triples. The Rockets, 53.4% and 42.6%, respectively. This led to thirteen players between both sets exceeding double digits. They highlighted Hachimura (23 + 5), Bertans (21) and Isaiah (17 and 10 assists) in the premises and Capella (21 + 12), Westbrook (17 + 10 + 12) and House Jr. (16 + 7) in the visitors

The Rockets continue to win. Almost always by the hair, but they are taking the games forward. If this is going to be the norm all year it will not be a season suitable for cardiac. But at least Harden plug in again and that reassures anyone. Because with Westbrook playing at the level he is doing (very high) and Harden scoring like crazy, this team is a fearsome opponent for anyone.

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