The 1x1 of the Real: the expulsion of Llorente was the beginning of the end

Notable first realistic part that deserved to culminate with more goals apart from that of Mikel Merino.

Moyá: The little work he had in the first part solved it with little trouble, like a shot from Fajr from the front. In the second half the goals came. In the first one he could do little, but in the 1-2 he doubted something at the start and gave option to the second play that ended in goal

Zaldua: Impeccable first half, closing his band well and climbing, as in the 1-0 play that started from his boots, or another good arrival at the bottom line after a beautiful pass from Ødegaard. After the break he suffered from the beautiful thing with the entry of Kenedy, which surpassed him by power again and again. He could see yellow by an involuntary stomping of Jaime Mata.

Aritz Elustondo: Uncomfortable game with the strikers of Getafe that always demand the most. He won and lost duels in equal shares, although this time he missed something his good reading of anticipations.

Llorente: He was not making a bad game, but he messed everything up with his expulsion, the result of two avoidable yellows, and that conditioned the whole game until he ended up defeating his team. The second card was for a hand that maybe he had to do it because otherwise Mata was left alone in front of Moyá, but surely he remembered then the first one that could have quietly avoided her, and maybe now we would talk about another result. An international central of its quality must measure these important details.

Monreal: Also a good first part to dilute incomprehensibly after the break. He had his plus and minus with Jason and Damián Suárez. He came out in the photo of Getafe's second goal by not clearing the first shot hard.

Guevara: Little can be blamed on the kid, who showed personality so as not to wrinkle when the game got worse in the second half, although there he missed the ball as he did in the first half. As he was not in his position, he was late and badly to close Mata's shot at the Getafe tie. Sacrificed when Imanol wanted to go for the game after putting 1-2.

Merino: He was the best of Real, because in the first part he had very clear ideas and easily found pass lines. He also scored 1-0 coming very well from the second line. After the break he assumed responsibilities and put on the work overalls, but he no longer had such clarity.

Ødegaard: Party to learn. The Norwegian is a diamond in the rough, but it was clear to Getafe because it must still be polished more. He received the deserved prize for the best player in September, but then he did not confirm it on the grass. First part with some details of its tremendous quality, and second very loose, without finding its place in the game and too imprecise with the ball. Of course, he never hid, despite not having his afternoon.

Portu: He always tried, with brega, pundonor and his usual spark. Author of the center of the goal of Merino, he went to the break arguing with the Getafe players; and when they painted things worse, he had the opportunity to tie with a good personal action, but his cross shot stopped him Soria.

Oyarzabal: Awkward match for the captain of the Real. Until the break it was good, generating danger and finishing off with much intention, to the point of deserving a goal. But in the second half he suffered a lot, because he tried almost everything, but nothing came out. He ended up frustrated.

William José: He was able to score before the break, but he wasn't right. Good for unloading your teammates playing with your back to the ball. He was the player substituted when Llorente was sent off to reorder the team.

Zubeldia: He had to dance with the ugliest situation when he left. Getafe was already on the goal of Moyá, the Real was with ten players and had to play central. He defended with his usual poise, but could do little to avoid the goals of defeat.

Isak: Minutes to go in good victory when things worse painted. He tried with his usual speed, but this time he barely had scoring chances

Barrenetxea: Learning minutes for this 17 year old. He left to look for the desperate tie with Real playing in inferiority, and the greatest experience of the Getafe defenders ate it. He barely touched any ball that allowed him to bring out his one on one. He had a good option to score, but did not reach a split ball with the goalkeeper.

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