Tacko Fall, a phenomenon of 2.26 ... that can run out of equipment

The Senegalese fights for the last place on the Celtics squad. Against him, the inner rotation of Stevens and the energy of Javonte Green.

The Celtics beat the Magic (75-100) and are 2-0 in a preseason of strange optimism. Such was the disappointment of the past year, so ugly the feelings of a team that began as an aspirant to the ring and it is not known where it ended, that in Boston they have applied that money does not give happiness, or something similar, and they face with a smile the season despite having gone down a step, a priori, in sports, after the departure of Kyrie Irving and Al Horford who aborted any attempt to go for an Anthony Davis who ended up in the Lakers. The reconstruction he had carried out, between flattery and accumulation of assets, Danny Ainge, went to waste. But now he likes, and that's a lot, the reconstruction of the reconstruction, the preparation of a team that returns to play with chemistry and intensity and with which Brad Stevens can work more comfortably.

The great signing is Kemba Walker, from which a numerical production is expected (being Kyrie in purity a much superior player) not very different from that of an Irving who did not leave any kind of good memory after two years in Boston. Starting with the new franchise player, Stevens wants to play with Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Gordon Hayward between two and four, with his usual concept of interchangeable positions, and with a pivot in which, you know, like the tricks of Small ball and defenders able to adjust and change to keep the outdoors. From what has been seen in the preseason, that is the new / old scheme (with Marcus Smart as the first relay in the external rotation) for a team with doubts in the pivot position after the departure of Horford and also that of Aaron Baynes, That went to Phoenix. Enes Kanter is a mediocre (at most) defender and for now he is not convincing in his strengths (rebound, points in the area ...), so the Massachusetts press believes that he can start the season as center holder is Daniel Theis. The German is much more intense and versatile than Kanter in defense and Stevens looks forward to not having to defend the pick and roll with a Kemba-Kanter axle that could be rolled by almost any rival.

So the Celtics have Theis and Kanter, and they have Frenchman Vincent Poirier (a 25-year-old rookie) and Robert Williams III (27 of the draft in 2018), an elastic but bad-headed interior in which they still have hopes (a See how long) in Boston. And they have Grant Williams, number 22 of the last draft and a small interior (it does not reach two meters) but very intelligent and intense in defense. For many, a theft in the draft and an ideal player for the most modern version of the Stevens style, small quintets with maximum pressure on the adjustments and defensive changes, a role in which Semi Ojeleye can also have minutes as a worker (also below two meters) .

There are, therefore, three pure pivots (Kanter, Poirier and Robert Williams), another who plays that role (Theis) and two who can do it in an ultra small ball version (Grant Williams, Ojeleye). Variety and depth that leaves an obvious question: what about Tacko Fall?

Fall, you know, is a Senegalese of 2.26 and 23 years who earned his place in the NBA (and gives the feeling that he can have it) in four in which he constantly went to more at UCF, where he played on March Madness and put on the ropes the Duke of Zion Williamson (and Barrett, and Reddish ...). Tacko is a sensation among the fans, who have never seen such a player, and a very (VERY) dear guy in the green dressing room, much appreciated by Brad Stevens and who, according to the press that follows the team, has confidence from the offices, where they believe that he can become a useful player despite the fact that his height is at the same time an obvious blessing but also a problem (with 140 kilos of weight) in the current rhythm of an NBA game with less and less pivots Old school, more pace of play, outside shooting, changes in defense ...

Fall works in pre-season to take a place among the fifteen places of the final rotation of the Celtics, which begins the next and imminent Regular Season. It is not easy, and not only because of the aforementioned interior structure that the team already has. The blows to the initial plan (Kyrie, Horford, Davis ...) left Ainge without wanting to do big business with the picks he had amassed and, after some minor operations, the Celtics finished with four drafted rookies. In addition to Williams (22), Romeo Langord (pick 14) and Carsen Edwards (33) and Tremont Waters (51). At least the first three have traces of rotation players in the short or medium term, and Waters has in his favor with (although measuring 1.85) an unquestionable scoring instinct. In addition, another name stands out in the summer of the team: Javonte Green, a swingman of 1.93 but with a portentous physicist who has earned a very serious consideration to be in the final roster based on work, intensity and strength. Bestial mates and constant effort for a player who was not drafted in 2015, who is already 26 years old and who was last season in the German Ulm (13.8 points and 4.7 rebounds on average between Liga and Eurocup) .

Green also has ballots to stay on the payroll and is considered a more useful player for the very short term than a Tacko Fall that has in its favor the possibilities of the future (and three years less), which is a unique physical specimen (33 centimeters more that Green) and, that also counts, the affection of public and companions. The pivot has an exhibit 10 contract, a formula to which the affiliated teams in the G League can be attached (the Maine Red Claws in the case of the Celtics) and signed for a year, for the minimum (about $ 582,000 last season) and with a bonus of up to $ 50,000 if it becomes a two-way contract (G League and NBA, basically) or if the player spends 60 days in the Development League affiliate without being cut or change of air But this formula has barely any protections and although the Celtics would have the rights to Fall in the G League, the center could sign with another NBA team, something that doesn't like anything in Boston. So the great phenomenon of 2.26 has serious options of being in the final roster of the Celtics although the current identity of the inner rotation and the push of another outsider like Javonte Green leave the door open to an abrupt exit of the Celtics to a Fall that before the Magic only played 6 minutes in which he took two rebounds and failed his only shot to basket. We'll see what Ainge and Stevens decide.

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