Shaq, about the Chinese crisis: "One of our greatest values is freedom of expression"

The four-time champion, proved Daryl Morey right and defended freedom of expression as "one of the greatest values of the United States."


If Shaquille O'Neal is known for anything, it is because he has no hair on his tongue. The legendary pivot, four-time NBA champion, has already demonstrated this quality in his stage as a player and continues to do so as a TNT analyst, where he has no qualms about criticizing what he does not like about current basketball, defending what he thinks fair or make continuous jokes with your current coworkers, something that has also always accompanied the character of the star.

One of the last statements that has not left anyone indifferent has been about the Chinese crisis. Recall that the tweet of Daryl Morey, General Manager of the Houston Rockets, unleashed a perfect storm that has not yet healed. The reactions to the message of the NBA, media and members of the world of basketball, whether active or not players, has only served to add more fuel to the fire and far from solving the problem it has only been eternalized until reaching a deadlock

The deceptive calm in which the subject seems to be has been interrupted by Shaquille O'Neal, who has positioned himself in the TNT, giving Morey the reason. "One of the greatest values in the United States is freedom of expression. We are allowed to say what we mean and we are allowed to talk about injustices. This is how it works. And if people do not understand it, they will have to deal with it." , said the former Lakers, among others.

"There are people who don't even know what they are talking about. Daryl Morey was right. Every time you see something anywhere in the world you have to have the right to say: 'that is not right,'" Shaq added, clearly agreeing with the thesis of the director of the Texan franchise.

The conflict, which broke out less than a month ago, has had different opinions and not all have coincided with the legendary former player. Adam Silver has been very cautious when criticizing the Asian country, which brings a huge amount of money to the NBA and has reacted by vetoing the Rockets and doubting the friendly that the Lakers and the Nets held in Shanghai until the last moment

Not only Silver has talked about it. The commissioner, top leader of the NBA, has to go with lead feet and be politically correct to maintain the relations of the competition with the outside. Of course, his words were praised by Gregg Popovich, something that caused some discomfort to be one of the basketball players who had positioned themselves most against the Trump administration but who has taken a very ambiguous stance for much on this issue. Steve Kerr, who shares with Coach Pop the animosity to the President of the United States, has not even positioned himself on the subject and LeBron James, known for all the social causes in which he participates, directly took the reason from Morey.

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