Sánchez Martínez granted in the VAR penalty of Thomas to Sandro

Thomas needed Sandro inside the area when the Valladolid striker came forward to snatch the ball. Iturralde González assures in the 'BEING' that "there is contact but it is not enough".

Valladolid - Atlético de Madrid had its first controversy at half an hour. Thomas Partey, who was bidding on the ball with Valladolid footballer Toni Villa, needed Sandro Ramírez inside the area when the Blanquivioleta team striker tried to steal the ball from Ghana.

Sánchez Martínez, colleague of the meeting, reviewed the play on the monitor after the prior notice of the referees of the VOR room and moments later, decreed the maximum penalty favorable to the team led by Sergio González. A pitch that the same player who caused the penalty, Sandro, failed to waste the opportunity to put Pucela ahead on the scoreboard.

The 'Cadena SER' colleague and As, Iturralde González, said that "there is a hit by Thomas on Sandro but he is nimio, it is not enough to punish a penalty." In addition, he says that "there is nothing" since in his opinion it is "a move that can not be seen in slow motion, must be seen at real speed. What can not be is that the VAR warns for this and not for the red they ate before. "

The refusal to review the entry of Toni Villa to Morata, the other controversy

The penalty action was not the only game set that left doubts for Iturralde, who said in 'Carousel' that Toni Villa should have been expelled: "In that action he has to Enter the VAR yes or yes. I do not understand why they call you for the penalty being a light contact and do not call you at the entrance to Toni Villa. It is a red card entry. Toni Villa goes very strong with the iron on Morata I should have entered into that action. The warning is not enough. "

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