Roberto Soldado, when the idol of Getafe can become a villain

The Valencian striker visits the Coliseum for the fourth time since leaving Getafe in 2010 and does so with a Granada that seeks to return to become leader of LaLiga Santander.


There was a time not far away, in which Roberto Soldado was the idol of the Getafe fans. His step, not very long but intense, left the south of Madrid left his mark on a team that came to make the best season in its history. However, on many occasions, the heroes change suits and dress up as villains.

That can be thought of by the fans of the Azulón team, who have seen how the Valencian striker has scored six goals in his six matches since his departure. The one who was a hero returns to the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum on Halloween night with the Granada shirt. But, to understand this love and hate story sometime, you have to start at the beginning.

Soldier landed and left as an idol ...

Roberto Soldier landed in Getafe the summer after the club chaired by Angel Torres made the best season in its history. The team led by Michael Laudrup at that time reached the final of the Copa del Rey and fell in the UEFA quarterfinals in a memorable match against Bayern Munich. Precisely, Soldier and Gavilán (ex-Valencia) were the star signings of the 2008/2009 season.

A season that did not start well for a Soldier who had to wait until December 22 to debut as a scorer with the azulona. From there, it was a cyclone almost impossible to stop. The campaign ended being vital in the salvation of Getafe on the last day in Santander and scoring 16 goals in the 26 league games he played. His signing, which cost 6 million euros, was practically amortized.

And if it was not already, the Soldier himself was in charge of confirming it in the 2009/2010 campaign. The arrival of Míchel González to the bench was a breath of fresh air for a club that faced the season filled with enthusiasm after suffering to achieve salvation in the previous one. The arrivals of Pedro León and Dani Parejo were vital to finish activating Roberto Soldado, who started the season with a hat-trick in El Sardinero against Racing.

Despite being two months off for a meniscus injury, the '9' of the 'Geta' returned in time to make four goals in the last three days, including a double against Atleti on day 38, and lead his team to get the pass to Europe and the best classification in the history of Barcelona until the men of Bordalás surpassed it in 18/19. Currently, Soldier is the second top scorer in the history of Getafe in the First Division with 29 goals.

... And he returned to dress as a villain

His stage in Getafe re-launched him to the elite and Valencia decided to sign him as a substitute for David Villa, who left for Barça, paying his rescission clause of 10 million euros in the summer of 2010. Roberto Soldado has wet two of his three visits to the Coliseum. The Valencian put on the villain suit the first time he played in Getafe since his departure scoring a poker of goals that gave the victory to Valencia (2-4) .

The public of the meeting applauded even Soldier when he scored the fourth goal. Not even the best horror film director could have written such a script for the return of the blue idol.

The following year, another with Valencia, scored again in the Coliseum. On that occasion the azulones were replaced to the goal in minute 4 and took the victory by 3-1. The last time the striker visited Getafe, in 2013 also with the Valencian team, he was not able to score, but his team also took the victory.

Six years later, Roberto Soldado will play again as a visitor at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum. And he does it with a Granada that, with a mixture of experience and maintaining the ascent block, is being the great revelation of the league start. Getafe is the place where he showed that he could perform at a great level in a big club and his enormous scoring talent.

He lived the face with the European classification and the cross with the suffering of being in the wire of the descent. Six years later, on the night of Halloween for more inri, an idol becomes a villain when he plays as a visitor in the green of Getafe.

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