Real Madrid dominates the derbies with an iron fist

Whites do not lose to Fuenla or Estu at home since 2005: 30-0. The Montakit only responded to the first pull. Deck, Carroll and Tavares wore.

Nor did this time jump the surprise in the derby, in which Carroll put the points (15) and Deck his usual motivation, which should guide Garuba and Nakic, and more numbers (23 valuation). Madrid have 30 consecutive victories in their home duels against Fuenlabrada and the Students. He has not lost since he did it with the schoolboys in June 2005, while Fuenla has not assaulted the white fort since April 2004. Three decades of uninterrupted triumphs and this Sunday did not cut the streak.

Montakit initially offered a better image than three weeks ago in the Super Cup, also in the WiZink Center. But he only competed from you to you at the start of the first quarter, when he was able to equal to 14 the local tromba exit (9-2), which imposed the 'Tavares law' (8 points, 7 rebounds and 14 valuation in that act; 8 + 12 + 19 at the end). Rowland and Eyenga, base and power forward, were the best.

The Real faced the duel following the new canons that mark the Euroleague calendar and have a staff of 16 players. The roadmap emphasizes rotations and breaks at discretion. And that's what Laso did: Campazzo and Taylor were left out accompanying those not registered in the ACB, Thompkins and Mejri, while Usman Garuba returned to start in the league and Mario Nakic premiered this season. Everything with Laprovittola at the controls, relieved by a Llull that, despite the 0/7, connected very well with Mickey. The 'flying American' flaunted express contribution in the second quarter. Mates, plugs, alley-oops ... while Carroll took one of his rachitas (9 goals), Reyes scored a triple and the opponent defended against the check: 48-29. What happened to mate in the third quarter after a 14-0 run: 67-36.

Randolph stepped on the field for the first time in the restart (it was only 6:42) and nailed two triples after the advantages created by Deck in the low post. Good minutes of the Argentine, all intensity, like Garuba, that is to throw many cables if necessary although the youth passes bill (6 losses). Causeur also took advantage of his minutes, like Laprovittola, to comfort himself. He signed two entries on the left, the second was a clear counterattack he executed last hoop to be able to throw with his good hand. And when we were commenting on the press stand how closed left-handed it is, it gave us another insight into the past hoop but this time from left to right. He only needed to put his index finger to his lips and send us to silence.

Nakic, on the other hand, lost some avoidable ball and was shy in the shot until he got it three at the last minute. He also gave three assists at 14:15. All the minutes you scratch are gold for your training. Fuenla went from rendering weapons in the third period to winning the last (20-21) with Gillet plugged in. Few conclusions. It was not a derby of competitive tension, but of details between two teams that run different marathons.

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