Rafa Navarro, evicted in Vitoria, is picking up pace

The side, 25 years old and who was given in Sochaux-Montbeliard last season, helps in training and last Thursday had a few minutes in the triangular of Barakaldo.

Rafa Navarro Mazuecos (Salteras, Sevilla, 1994) is a player who has played in the youth Betis, Betis B, the first Verdiblanco team, Alavés and Sochaux-Montbeliard. It belongs to the Vitorian staff (in the LFP it is registered with 12) although the club tried to transfer or transfer it in summer and even tried to terminate its contract. The reality is that it continues in Vitoria, helps in training and last Thursday had a few minutes in the triangular of Barakaldo.

It is a right side, demarcation that is already occupied by Martín Aguirregabiria and Ximo Navarro. Even if necessary, Aleix Vidal can also be used there. Although the one from Tarragona arrived in Vitoria with the promise of playing mid-point, his performance is not as expected and he has already finished some official match as a right-handed band defender.

Navarro is 25 years old and last season he was assigned to the French Sochaux-Montbeliard, a club agreed with the Alavés de la Liga-2. From there also come Verdon (borrowed in Belgium) and Fuchs (currently in Israel). He does not seem to have convinced Asier Garitano to compete in the daily life of the albiazul team but, in case of need for sanctions or injuries, there it is. The same thing happens to the Colombian Dani Torres.

In Lasesarre Rafa Navarro was able to play as some soccer players of the subsidiary did: Aritz, Perera, Valero, Víctor and Rodrigo entered with the commitment against Barakaldo while Héctor did it against Athletic. Dani Torres played the two games, a player in a similar situation to Rafa Navarro. Transferable. The coffee maker, at least, has already entered into an official league call against Real Mallorca.

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