Quartararo hallucinates with Márquez: “What he does is impressive”

"He falls and becomes super strong, when we didn't know if he was going to run in the FP2, but he appears and is almost the whole session first," says the Frenchman.

No one was left indifferent to the reaction Marc Márquez had of his strong fall. One of the clearest who left what he hallucinated with the champion's day was Fabio Quartararo, who finished the day with the best time of the day in Thailand.

“Everything Marquez does is impressive. He falls and becomes super strong, when we did not know if he was going to run in the FP2, but he appears and is almost the entire session first Nothing to add more about Marc, only that everything he is doing is very large, ”said the Frenchman.

As for his first position, he said: “Thailand's first day has been very positive. I found myself very comfortable in the cornering and in the time attack. Tomorrow we will have to work on the tuning of the motorcycle, on electronics and on improving something in terms of piloting. I am very happy because we are quite fast, but we still have room for improvement. Let's see if tomorrow the weather endures and the rain does not appear, because we have good things to prove ”.

Regarding the remarkable rise in temperature and humidity this year in Buriram compared to the previous one, when he was still in Moto2, he says the following: “In my case it does not change so much, because the Speed Up is a motorcycle that tired a lot. I noticed it a lot last year when I made the switch from Kalex to Speed Up. It cost me quite physically and I already had to take a big physical step to get there. And this year with the MotoGP you get a little tired, but I haven't noticed the beast. ” Word of the fastest rookie that has been seen in the queen class since 2013, the year in which Márquez arrived, the one who hallucinates precisely the French.

Photos from as.com
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