Quartararo: "I've been lucky not to break anything"

"I have made a mistake, but rather it can be said that it has been a learning failure, how to manage the maps in the water," says the Frenchman.

Fabio Quartararo has fallen in the FP1 of the Australian GP and did not take part in the second track, that of the FP2, for the medicines that were applied to combat the pain in the left leg, the area that was most hit after leaving by ears, but that did not take any fracture to regret. He needed some crutches to move around the paddock and a large bandage on his left arm, but that didn't take his smile from his face.

-What happened to you?

-I don't have much experience in water conditions, but it was going pretty well. I have made a mistake, but rather it can be said that it has been an apprenticeship of how to manage the maps in the water. It was drying and the grip was not very high. As I say, it is experience

-Will you return to the load tomorrow?

-Tomorrow we will see. We have a lot of pain in the foot, we have to go to the medical center to try everything. A shame not to be able to shoot today in the FP2 in the afternoon, but I can't because of the anti-inflammatories they have given me, although at the same time I am very happy that I didn't break anything. Everything hurts, but I've been lucky not to break anything.

-How exactly has the fall been?

-I lost the rear wheel, then I recovered the grip and I got the bike from the top. I have been lucky because, after the strong impact on my ankle, I have not broken anything in my body. And also because the motorcycle did not hit me in the fall, it only touched the hand with the fairing. It has been an ugly fall, but I am happy because my physical condition could be worse.-

-Is it the toughest fall you've had in MotoGP?

-We have not had many with the Yamaha (five with this one), but surely this one, with that of Silverstone, has been the toughest and the one that hurt me most.

-It already generates the media expectation of a star ...

- (Smiles). That's good.

Photos from as.com
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