Phoenix surrenders to Ricky in a single match: "He has the ability to lead"

Both the coach and his teammates got rid of praise with the Spanish, who began his adventure in the Suns with a double-double.

Rick Rubio has started his career in the Suns in the best possible way. 11 points, 6 rebounds, 11 assists and 4 steals. With a 4/12 in shots, it is true, but with a general feeling that this is the continuation of the World Cup, where he became the leader of the Spanish National Champion and earned him the MVP of the tournament. That leadership is what has been seen in the victory against the Kings (124-95), in a team that if something is missing is experience.

"We have great potential, but it has only been one game. We have to prove it every night," Ricky summed up after the meeting, pointing directly to the strengths and weaknesses of this franchise. Because talent is clear that they are not lacking (Booker, Ayton, Obre Jr ...), but the regularity and competitive nature has been shining for its absence for years. These have led them to be one of the worst three teams in the last four seasons. Something they want to change with the incorporation of Spanish and also of their new coach, Monty Williams. The coach comes from doing a great job as an assistant in the Sixers, the Lakers bid for him in the summer and he already has Ricky as one of the right eyes of the squad: "I want him as a basketball player and also as a person," he said To the journalists. According to him, having him on the court is like being the same playing, because he knows what play to do at each moment. "It is what a good base does in attack and it is what we have seen tonight."

"I like the balance that makes the annotation and the pass. He and Devin Booker show some interesting synergies when we put them in the pick-and-roll. They know how to read each other," he explained about the relationship on the court between the star signing of the team and the franchise player. Booker himself seems delighted to have the Spaniard by his side: "It's not just about his ability to pass, but also his ability to lead. Telling the boys the steps they have to take. Even when we're on the bench watching him from outside it tells us what is happening. There is chemistry and we are going to build on it ".

One of those who will benefit most from Ricky's presence is DeAndre Ayton. The pivot, number 1 of last year's draft, finished the game with 18 points in a 9/14 throw. On more than one occasion the connection to the base could be seen, which seems obvious that he will have him as one of his main finishers and will leave him in very advantageous situations to score. "You don't know when the pass is coming, so you have to keep moving," Ayton said about what it's like to play next to Ricky. It seems that the Bahamian has understood quickly. Something that both he and the Spaniard and all the Suns can only stand well.

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