Peter Lim celebrates his reform project for five years

Valencia, at this time, has signed for 439 million and transferred for 350.7; Meanwhile, negotiates the termination with Alemany who denies contacts with Barça

Peter Lim turns five in Valencia today. He does it with his project in full reform after demolishing its foundations in the last two months and with a sector of Mestalla protesting for it. Lim appeared for the first time in the stadium on October 25, 2014, the day after signing a notary of the contract between Bankia and Meriton. Where then there was a red carpet and a photocall to immortalize the entrance of the Asian owner, Gate 0 of Sweden Avenue, has become the last matches at the meeting point of the protests against his management.

Peter Lim now has to solve the void that will leave the figure of Mateu Alemany, with which the club has been negotiating his departure for two weeks. Yesterday Rac1 reported that Barcelona wants to incorporate Alemany into its organization chart, although, as the implicated one pointed out to AS, to date there has been no contact and hopes that this rumor does not further complicate the agreement with Valencia. From the club, meanwhile, gaps are filled with staff that already had (Jorge López, Marco Otero ...) and it is filtered that the property is going to take "a while" before replacing Mateu Alemany.

Lim, with the New Stadium still to be built and with the sale of the Mestalla plot pending ADU Mediterráneo manages to get its cooperative project afloat, has only witnessed 32 of the 253 official matches that Valencia has played since it was purchased ( 12.6%, 18 in Mestalla). This does not mean that Lim is going to be the maximum shareholder who has been in the club for the longest time since Valencia became a Public Limited Company (1992). Neither Paco Roig nor Juan Soler nor even Manuel Llorente, although he served as president for five years thanks to the VCF Foundation's shareholding power, they were so long.

The Fundació VCF, during the sale process, drafted a document of 20 requirements to be met by the buyer. One of them was that "it should be forced not to sell the club" and to guarantee "the financial and economic balance of Valencia" for a minimum of 5 years. Finally, those 'requirements' were left in wet paper at the time of writing the contract of sale, in other words, there were no such conditions. Of the few that were included was the one related to the “right of first refusal by small shareholders”. As it was signed in the section of 'obligations of the buyer', in the event that Lim had a proposal and willingness to accept it, it should previously inform the sale and grant 14 days for small shareholders to enforce their preferential right until the amount of the offer. Everything is said, 5 years have passed and Lim continues. "Valencia is not for sale," Anil Murthy said on the club's website.

In sports terms, the LIm era is summarized to date in a Copa del Rey, in three of its five years with a place in the Champions League and with the other two without even competing in Europe after being 12th in the League. In their Valencia 64 players have played, six of them from the subsidiary (Fede, Gayà, Lato, Jaume, Ferran and Kang-in). Since 2014/2015 Valencia has made 51 signings. For sales it has entered 350.75 million, while the club has invested in reinforcements 439 million.

Lim numbers in Valencia

51 transfers

In the Valencia of Lim 64 players have been part of the squad, 51 were signed under his management. Just follow from their first year Gayà, Jaume, Parejo and Rodrigo.

8 technicians

Including Pizzi, after all he was dismissed at his will, Nuno, Neville, Ayestarán, Voro, Prandelli, Marcelino and Celades.


Amadeo Salvo, Layhoon and Murthy; while five top sports managers: Rufete, Nuno, Pitarch, Alesanco and Mateu Alemany.

2 matches

Lim has attended live 32 of the 253 official matches that Valencia has played since 10/25/2014.

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