Perfumerías Avenida sweeps the Olivais: they won +61 points

The British Samuelson was the top scorer with 33 points. Second victory of the Salamanca in the Eurocup. In the other match, Valencia won Olympiacos 77-66.


Historic victory of Perfumerías Avenida in Eurocup against the Portuguese Olivais by 45-106, with 61 points in favor of perfumers. The Salamanca came out with a quintet formed by Cazorla, Loyd, Samuelson, Gil and Vitola and after the first quarter they won by 14-21. At the break the difference was extended to 28-48 highlighting the 20 points of Samuelson, the British would end with 33,

The Portuguese Olivais added eight points in the third quarter for the 24 of the Perfumerías. Before the last quarter the salmantinas already doubled their rival with a score of 36-72. A difference that increased in the last quarter until the final 45-106. In the other match with Spanish representation, Valencia won Olympiacos by 77-66.

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