Neymar is injured and Casemiro saves the furniture

Casemiro equalized at the beginning of the second half the goal of Aribo. Neymar retired injured at eleven minutes due to muscle problems.

Five matches after the Copa América final, Brazil still doesn't know what it is to win a match. This time it was Nigeria that managed to tie against the pentacampeona of the world in a friendly with a rhythm of play that went from less to more from the second half.

Two draws and a loss was the balance of the current champion of the Copa América, except Everton opted for Ederson under sticks and most of his most common players. The worst omens came from minute 7 with the muscle discomforts that Neymar noticed. The PSG striker called for the change five minutes later, as he put his hand to the back of the thigh of his left leg.

Philip Coutinho replaced 10 of the 'canarinha', who limped off the pitch. It was not the only problem with which Brazil collided head-on, uncomfortable at the tactical level and with many problems of positioning at the defensive level, also derived from the good football criteria of a comfortable and well positioned Nigeria, waiting for its opportunity to counterattack and well retracted back .

After a long possession of 'Las Águilas' after the first stop to hydrate, the first goal of the match would come. Aribo, who received from Simon inside the area, left Marquinhos sitting and did not forgive a hand in hand in front of Ederson to put the 0-1, giving the bell momentarily in Singapore.

Tite opted for Richardlison, who came to the detriment of Everton, with the aim of reversing the bad image of the first half and avoiding a new setback of the team. The players jumped to the pitch with another mentality and with more intensity than in the first bars. Two minutes into the second half, the goal was drawn. Marquinhos headed to the crossbar a center of Dani Alves from the right wing and Casemiro hunted the rebound to score an empty goal.

The goal of the Real Madrid midfielder completely changed the image of Brazil, much more incisive, dominant and dynamic with respect to the first part, with Gabriel Jesus as the main offensive reference. Casemiro also had 1-2 in his hands, although his head-to-corner shot crashed into the wood. In addition to Neymar, the negative note was also left by the Nigerian goal Uzoho, who doubled his left knee after a jump to block a ball high.

After the second break to hydrate, the match picked up again after the Nigerian goal was injured. Richardlison and Gabigol had the second Brazilian goal in their boots, but it was Coutinho who forgave the clear chance of a clearer goal. The former Barça, with everything in his favor, did not take advantage of a Lodi pass and finished off the center of the goal, easy for Okoye.

Bittersweet tie for a Brazilian national team that doesn't know what it is to win after a loss (vs. Peru) and three draws (Colombia, Senegal and Nigeria) and has lost Neymar in the ten-minute clash.

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