Negotiations between Poyet and Leganés get complicated

Yesterday the parties were optimistic, but today it has been closed for sports, not economic reasons. The coach returned to London. The end of the dialogue has been friendly, has left a good taste.


The signing of Gustavo Poyet as coach of the Leganés is close to not occurring. Late at night, club sources and next to the Uruguayan coach confirmed that the positions were close despite the fact that the coach had shown reluctance during the afternoon. So much so that, as Ace has said, the Leganés wanted the coach to take charge of the training as soon as possible. However, early in the morning, the dialogue has been truncated so much that it has been broken.

Poyet is already back to London after having spent these two days in Madrid negotiating personally with the club. The exact reasons for this break are unknown, but sources of the negotiation consulted by AS confirm that it is not an economic issue. Everything points more to sports and structural reasons. Both parties have ended up happy with the dialogue even though the signing has not occurred. There is satisfaction with the attitude of the other.

Third frustrated attempt

Poyet becomes Leganés' third frustrated attempt to tie a coach since Monday it was known that Pellegrino resigned from the post. First it was Francisco and Abelardo, with whom there was not even a pure and hard negotiation as such because the two said "no" when they saw the complex situation of Leganés, last with two points of 27 possible.

Now with Poyet everything pointed to a different direction. The Leganés was impressed by the powerful of his speech and the energetic of his approaches. That is why he became the only candidate with whom to negotiate in a frantic exchange that, unfortunately for the pickles, has not ended in a good way.

In this way, and again unless last-minute surprise, everything indicates that Luis Cembranos and Carlos Martínez will lead the team against Mallorca next Saturday (4:00 pm) in Butarque. The club, meanwhile, will resume the search for candidate weight trainers to win the Butarque bench.

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