Nadal will be number one for Djokovic's defeat with Tsitsipas

Novak Djokovic left 820 points in Shanghai, so after Paris-Bercy he will no longer take the lead when another 1,000 are subtracted from whatever he does there.

Rafael Nadal will be number one in the world again on November 4, when the ranking is published after the 1,000th Masters of Paris-Bercy. It will be because Novak Djokovic fell in the quarterfinals of Shanghai against Stefanos Tsitsipas (3-6, 7-5 and 6-4) and leaves 820 points there, so do what you do in the French tournament, where defends 600, will be below the balearic when the 1,000 added last year as a finalist in the ATP Finals in London are subtracted, before the Masters tournament begins.

Djokovic now has 9,545 points in the classification by 9,225 of Nadal and can only add 400 in Paris in case he lifts the title. In the best case it would reach 9,945, but the ATP subtracts before the Masters (November 10 to 17) the points obtained the previous year, which would remain at most with 8,945. Nadal, who does not defend any in this section of the course because he did not play in Bercy or London in 2018, would overtake him. In addition, the Spanish can add figures to his locker if he participates in the Parisian championship to face the fight to end the year on the throne with greater guarantees. We will have to make accounts again before the last ATP appointment in 2019, where Nadal will start as the first seed in the draw, so he would not see his enemy until the semifinals. The Manacor adds 196 weeks at the top and will add, at least, two more.

Tsitsipas, the Greek matagigantes

Tsitsipas, which has already won Federer and Nadal on one occasion, defeated Djokovic for the second time (the previous one had been in Canada's eighths in 2018) to end the successful return of number one after his injury in the US Open The Balkan started very strong to break the first serve of Tsitsipas and consolidate the break with a blank game. The Greek tried to tickle Djokovic to recover the lost serve, but the Serbian gave him no options and with the first set ball he had he took the first sleeve 6-3.

In the second set, both players maintained their services at the beginning with roundness and then with longer games in which Djokovic had to lift two Tsitsipas break balls. The Hellenian managed to stand up to the Serbian in the twelfth game of the second set and managed to break the serve to win the sleeve 5-7 and force the third set. In the third round, Tsitsipas broke Djokovic's turn in the fourth game to later successfully defend his services and close the set and meet the third match ball he had 6-3. Thus sealed his pass to the semifinals.

Tsitsipas, qualified after its first victory for the ATP Finals (in turn leading the NextGen), will play this Saturday for a place in the final against Daniil Medvedev, who beat Italian Fabio Fognini 6-3 and 7- 6 (4). The Russian, intractable with his serve, managed to break the serve to Fognini, who saved two set balls before Medvedev closed the sleeve 6-3. In the second round the two players retained their serve and the set was decided in the tie-break, where Medvedev managed to break Fognini's minibreaks twice to win 7-4 and stand in his sixth consecutive semifinals.

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