Mestalla and the 'Groundhog Day'

The Alavés goes fishing in a stadium where Celades still does not know the victory and in which the stands will show again his discomfort for the management of Anil Murthy.

Bill Murray would feel in Mestalla as Time Trapped. Or said the other way around, Albert Celades may think he wakes up every morning on Groundhog Day. Again in Mestalla a game will be played in the grass and another in the stands, where there is interest in calling outburst. By the work of the geniuses who carry the Twitter of the club, who set out yesterday to block who was coughing them, and because of the misgovernment in which Valencia lives, management of the Santiago Cañizares case through, Valencianism returns to being trilled with Anil Murthy and what it represents. And so, with Celades without knowing the victory at home and with the team he wants but that fits goals for Cascoporro, Alavés shows up to see if he fishes. He does it with Sivera under sticks, raised in Paterna.

On the grass it will be seen if Celades has found a way to stretch his blanket without getting a cold from his feet. 7 goals conceded at home in the last three games is the death of peñizcos. At least it is if it is intended to be Champions, with only seven days played should not cease to be the goal ché. Maybe that's why he left the door open for Jaume to play for Cillessen.

Al Alavés 4-4-2 gave a good result last weekend in Mendizorroza against Mallorca, but the logical thing is that today they try to lock their center of the field and recover the trivot in the core. If things get ugly, players like Burke or Lucas Pérez could enter the field. In case of doing well, it should not be ruled out that the team finished with three centrals as it happened before Levante in Mendizorroza on the first day of the League.

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