"Good McLaren in the first sector, lack of top speed"

Carlos Sainz, "compliant" with the Friday of his team and pending the typhoon: "We are all a bit expectant and nervous."

Carlos Sainz, "compliant" with McLaren's Friday although expectant: "We do not know how much gasoline and how much engine the rest was carrying, I hope it was similar to us because everyone was thinking about Sunday's classification, or if there was no classification ". He finished the free practice with the seventh best time, the first behind the cars' top'.

"Everyone has done a classification simulation thinking that maybe Sunday morning there is still water or a lot of wind. I don't know if everyone has used the classification engine map or been close, and we have more of the same Just in case, we have tried to get as far as possible in case something happens on Sunday, there was nothing to lose, "explained the Madrid.

Still, he started with "a good scare" when his engine lost power as soon as he left the pit lane. Then the MCL34 fulfilled, although not in the full lap: "The car was doing very well in the first sector and we lack top speed in the last. It seems that we prefer to take a little more aileron because the car works better in slow and medium curve , but that penalizes us a little lately because it means that in the straight lines we are not as good as at the beginning of the year ".

Now all eyes go to the sky and the weather forecast, with Typhoon Hagibis approaching Suzuka and closing the circuit on Saturday: “Everyone is expectant and a little nervous, we don't know what a typhoon of category three or four is like. But we also want to run on Sunday and nothing happens. ” Any plan? "I think you won't be able to leave the hotel, so 'indoor'. The PlayStation against Max and something else, and try to eat inside the hotel, to see what happens." Verstappen has warmed the game: "Typical of Max, smarter and more bastard than the others, but we'll talk after playing. We'll have fun."

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