Matthäus asks to extend Müller's contract at Bayern

"Giving up on him would be a great loss for all parties," said the German. He added: "Müller is an icon for Bayern Munich."

The German international Lothar Matthäus advised Bayern Munich not to let Thomas Müller go and suggests that the contract be extended, he said in statements reproduced by the newspaper 'Bild' in its edition this Saturday.

Müller's alleged dissatisfaction in the muniqués team is debated and Matthäus put his grain of sand. "Müller is an icon for Bayern Munich, but also an incredibly valuable sports figure," said the 58-year-old former player.

"Giving up on him would be a great loss for all parties. Therefore, I proposed the extension of the Müller contract," Matthäus added. According to him, no club offers Müller "this ideal position" behind striker Robert Lewandowski.

After years standing out as a valuable player, in recent weeks Müller is a regular on the Bayern Munich bench, by decision of coach Niko Kovac. "If the technical team sees my future only as a substitute, I will have to think about it," Müller said in an interview with the sports publication 'Kicker', which fueled speculation about his departure from the muniqués club.

Matthäus, who was captain of Bayern Munich, sees in the attempt to sign Leroy Sané and in the transfer of the Brazilian Philippe Coutinho a reason for the situation of Müller.

"When Sané did not arrive, Bayern Munich strove to get Coutinho," he said. "With Sané in the bands, Müller would have had a position in the center. But Coutinho blocks this role, Kovac even recomposed it for the Brazilian. For Müller, this was one of the most unfortunate signings," he said.

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