Mateu had another tense face to face with Luis Suarez

The striker and the referee discussed the grass after Mateu admonished Suárez as seen in the images of Movistar's Partidazo.

Luis Suarez is one of the players that dominates the other football. The Uruguayan is a regular in the discussion videos and the fights about the green. This time, he had a tense face to face with referee Mateu Lahoz, in charge of whistling Barcelona-Sevilla this day and that ended with victory for the Catalans. The moment was captured by the cameras of El Partidazo de Movistar.

The striker saw yellow in 63 after a fall in the Sevilla area. Suarez insisted he had slipped and Mateu stared at him in a clear message that he didn't need too many words. "Can't you talk?" Asked the nine. Mateu answered something that the cameras did not capture but made Suárez jump a wry smile before the discussion continued.

"Make no mistake" the referee warned several times as reminding him to continue or not on the field also depended heavily on him. "You don't either," Suárez recommended sneeringly.

The referee, without lowering a gram of tension, warned him two more times to end the conversation. "Make no mistake ..." he said, before making a hand gesture inviting Mateu to go anywhere less pleasant than the green of the Camp Nou.

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