Marc for Repsol is "leadership, effort, integrity and perseverance"

"We are very proud. It has been a perfect season. It has been eight world championships and eight with our colors. And those that remain," says Barbara Bertrand.

Barbara Bertrand, sponsoring manager of Repsol, was the most important position of the Spanish oil company present at the Thai GP and has already held two Marc Márquez titles from that position. He spoke for As on behalf of his company and defined what the orange factory supposes this kid who at the age of 26 is already a legend.

"We are very proud of Marc. He has had a perfect season. He has been eight world championships and the eight have been our colors. And those that remain ...", says the executive happily, adding a personal detail: "It has been very exciting to shake hands in the corralito, just proclaiming himself champion. "

Y is that for Bertrand, "Márquez has the values that one of the great athletes of our country has, which are leadership, effort, integrity and perseverance. He has a lot of our company" .

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