Mallorca takes advantage of a broken Espanyol

The blue and white team showed some defensive excesses and the vermilions added three points that gave them calm thanks to the goals of Budimir and Salva Sevilla.

Espanyol already knows what it is to lose this season at home. And he did it on his own merits. Mallorca, which deserved the triumph without doubt, took advantage of the parakeet defensive fragility to add three points that give it joy. The nerves are still installed in a Espanyol that steps back and David Gallego cannot confirm the reaction. Budimir and Salva Sevilla were responsible for sentencing a duel that leaves many doubts about the future of the parakeet coach.

The whole of Gallego came up in the good wave after his victory in Moscow, but Mallorca returns him to nothing. After a nasty start, without incentives, the duel seemed to play what Espanyol wanted. He had possession, with a parsimonious circulation and in sterile territory, and knew how to contain the rush of Mallorca, with an incisive and dangerous Junior Lake. The game seemed to be simmering, but in a flash came 1-0. It was the first of two avoidable goals. In the 37 ', Pedrosa gave an extra meter to a Tailor who was enough to win the baseline without being excessively pressed and put the ball into the area. There Budimir waited, who shook Lluís López with ease and, with a shot with his belly, beat Diego López. The Mallorca striker continues to set the pace in attack for the vermilion because he has signed three of the team's four goals in the last seven days.

After the goal was much more comfortable to Mallorca and Espanyol, blurred. The good news for the parrots was that nothing else happened and he had the entire second half to fix the mess. But the break had no effect and Marc Roca was still having trouble finding his place and Vargas and Wu Lei did not appear. Gallego put Naldo through the tired David Lopez (he turned 150 duels as a parakeet) and, after a rebound, almost tied, Campuzano also had it, but the team seemed sunk. And the final blow came with 2-0. Again, bad back. After a short clearance by Lluís López and a serious error by Víctor Sánchez (he completed 250 blue and white matches), Salva Sevilla scored the goal with an unappealable shot. The medium did not mark since 2015, precisely with the Espanyol shirt, and a Mallorca that breathes. Espanyol, on the other hand, is still drowning and sinking in Liga.

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