Machín is the ninth 'fire extinguisher' of the century

The only negative exceptions were Moya, Mané and Galca, while Luis Fernández, Pochettino and Aguirre starred in the best comebacks.

From 1988 to 1993, Espanyol lived its most convulsive period sportingly, with up to seven coach changes and two descents. Almost the same until the arrival of Pablo Machín who has lived the team in this millennium, 18 years of sports stability in First despite the shocks of some campaigns. Machín is the ninth fire extinguisher, the fourth of the ten courses of the RCDE Stadium

Only three of them did not meet the objectives, or say they failed to improve the team. The first was Ramon Moya, substitute for Juande Ramos in the 2002-03 campaign. In nine days, and despite winning the first two games, Espanyol again lost course adding six losses in seven games. He had to be replaced by Javier Clemente, who did manage to refloat and save the team.

If Moya failed to revive the team, José Manuel Esnal Mané did less in the 2008-09 campaign, the last of Montjuïc. He did not win in the six games he led the team in LaLiga: three losses and three draws. Successfully replaced Mauricio Pochettino.

The third in discord is Constantin Galca, who assumed Espanyol outside the descent and finally managed to save him but in an agonizing way. Sergio González was fired on day 15 when the team was in twelfth, while with the Romanian the blue and white team finished the thirteenth.

Pablo Machín has very difficult to gain weight from this classification. The team is in decline and has 30 days left to improve the image of Espanyol and also the results.

Luis Fernández, the Frenchman who saved the first 'match ball '

On day 11, Luis Fernández premiered on the Espanyol bench after Javier Clemente could not give continuity to his project from the previous year. Espanyol was last with five points. The Frenchman, with a defensive game and with Iván de la Peña and Raúl Tamudo without defensive responsibilities, began to resign from Christmas. He finished the first round with 14 points, while the second was spectacular, in which they achieved up to 29. Finally, the classification of Espanyol, which was saved on the last day, was the sixteenth with 43 points.

Despite this comeback, the economic distances between the parakeet club and the coach made it impossible for him to renew his contract. The French saved the first 'match ball' of Espanyol at the Olympic Stadium in Montjuïc.

From the miracle to the more stable era of the RCDE Stadium

With hardly any experience in the benches, apart from a time of practices in the Feminine, Mauricio Pochettino took over Espanyol at the end of the first round after the failures of Tintín Márquez and Mané in the bench. Espanyol added 15 points in 19 games and was six of salvation. The Spanish-Argentine coach had a hard time straightening the team, but in the last ten days of the team the performance was meteoric. Espanyol finished with 47 points, getting 32 in the 19 games of the second round.

That last campaign in Montjuïc marked the beginning of the Pochettino stage as first coach. It lasted three and a half years until he was fired in 2012. Then, the time came for Javier Aguirre, another fire extinguisher.

Aguirre, a simple game that gave performance

The march of Pochettino was a trauma due to the coach's attachment to the club after three and a half years of many changes and extreme situations, from the death of Dani Jarque to the inauguration of the stadium or the seasons in which Europe touched. Aguirre arrived to assume the position of a Espanyol who was last with nine points on day 13. With a simple game, organized defense and direct play, the parakeet quickly resumed the flight with Aguirre, a coach who set in the entity with his way of being and who knew how to manage the resources of a team in the middle of the economic recession. The Mexican managed to score 35 points in the next 25 games. That success earned him renewal. A further course followed, in which Espanyol flirted with Europe but collapsed at the end again.

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