Lights and shadows in the first month of Celades in Valencia

The team alternated great wins with improvable performances with the Catalan coach on the bench. The rear must improve. The attack approves.

Exactly one month ago an earthquake shook Valencia. Without warning and taking most of the club members by surprise, top shareholder Peter Lim decided to dispense with Marcelino García Toral and thus end a project that reached its zenith winning the Copa del Rey. The replacement of the Asturian coach was soon public, Albert Celades. And despite the experience of the coach in the Spanish Football Federation training the lower categories of the national team, many voices in Valencia already predicted that the signing of Catalan would involve incorporating a coach similar to Gary Neville. Nothing is further from reality.

Celades arrived in Valencia with the idea of not over-touching the great work that the previous coaching staff had developed, although it only took two games to change the system to 4-3-3 and give its team a more colorful game. Thanks to such work, the former Barcelona has achieved important victories in fields such as the new San Mamés and Stamford Brigde, places where the Mestalla entity had never won.

In addition, the coach has been able to lift a locker room that was sunk after Marcelino's dismissal with the collaboration of some captains who have demonstrated their total professionalism. Likewise, with decisions such as keeping Cheryshev ahead of Guedes in the rotation or accommodating Vallejo and Sobrino, much of the workforce has been won.

However, on a defensive level, Celades has not been able to maintain the level of its predecessor. The great 'must' that has Celades ahead is to balance a game with more possession as he wants, with a defense at the height of a Champions team, since in the eight games he has directed his team has conceded 13 goals and not even Gabriel ni Garay just saw them comfortable on the green.

As for the fans, the Celades ballot with Mestalla was not easy. The Valencian temple held Marcellin in high esteem and felt identified with the game he proposed. Today, the fans still judge which Valencia is going to be found, the one who wins at Stamford Brigde or the one who does not beat the Leganés in Mestalla.

In any case, the coach has won credit in this first month, since in just 30 days his team has played eight games against major rivals and in addition to having achieved three important victories, the team has never lost face to any match. Lights and shadows in the first month

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