Lanto Griffin wins his first PGA title in Houston

The American golfer finished the last day with 69 strokes for a total of 274, 14 under par, and his countrymen Scott Harrington and Mark Hubbard won.

The American Lanto Griffin won his first title in the PGA Tour on Sunday by winning the Houston Open after completing the last course with a record of 69 strokes, three under par, and completing the tournament with 274 strokes, 14 under par .

Griffin's triumph, 31, twelfth in the PGA classification, allowed him to win a prize of $ 1,350,000 and 500 points for the world rankings, which assures him to enter the Top 10.

The Californian golfer, who started the last day of the tournament as leader (-11), began the course of the course with two birdies in the first three holes, followed by a bogey and another birdie, in the fifth, which he repeated in the eighth.

Already in the second half of the course, in the eleventh he made a bogey and made up for it in the 16th hole with the last birdie he got in the match and it was he who gave him the definitive advantage to conclude the tour with a pair in the 18 that It also helped him take the win.

Griffin, although he failed a birdie 19 meters away, with a putt less than two meters from the hole, in 18, he got the pair and secured the victory that allows him to be in the Masters next year.

After remembering in tears the people who helped him to be a professional golf player, he said that everything he was living was something "surreal and hard to believe."

His compatriots, Scott Harrington and Mark Hubbard, who were also looking for their first title in the PGA Tour, ended up sharing second place at the end of Sunday's journey with 67 and 69 strokes, respectively, which allowed them to have a total of 275 strokes , 13 under par.

Both golfers took a prize of $ 667,500 and 245 points for the world rankings

Other five golfers shared the fourth place, among them the Mexican Carlos Ortiz, who completed a great tour by delivering cardboard with 69 strokes, three under par, and adding 277 strokes, 11 under par.

Ortiz, a native of Guadalajara and trained at the University of North Texas, safely began the tour with the pair in the first two holes and then made two birdies in a row, but in the sixth he made a bogey.

He recovered with a birdie in the eighth and started the second half of the route with another, but then committed two bogeys in a row, which he would recover with three birdies (he reached seven), also consecutive, to redo a bogey in hole 16, the fourth of the game, and finish the last two with par.

Ortiz, 28, who occupies number 22 of the PGA world rankings, won a prize of $ 286,875 and 104 points for the PGA classification in which he will climb positions safely.

The Colombian Sebastián Muñoz returned to recover his best level of play and also made his best course with 67 strokes, five under the pair, which allowed him to place in the twenty-eighth place with a total of 283 strokes, five under the pair, and take a prize of $ 42,482 and 22 points for the classification of the PGA.

The Puerto Rican Rafael Campos, who started solid the tournament went less and made a final run of 73 strokes, one over the pair, which left him in the 59th place with a total of 288 strokes, the field pair, and prize of $ 16,950, plus five points for the world rankings.

While the Argentine Nelson Lauta Ledesma made a fourth round of 75 strokes, three on the pair, to complete the tournament in the 74th place and 295 strokes, seven on the pair, which allowed him to take a prize of $ 14,850 and three points for the PGA.

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