Iñigo Martínez: "Unai Núñez will play"

The central appeals to self-criticism: "Every time we start winning we take a step back. We would do better if we go for the second goal, although it is difficult to score goals."

Iñigo Martínez is a fixture for Gaizka Garitano in a defensive tandem in which Unai Núñez does not finish benefiting from Yeray Álvarez, in a trio of many carats: "It is a situation that nobody likes to be. We try to make it happy, and keep insisting, we are partners and above all people. There is good vibes between us. You must continue working hard, "says the Ondarroa power station, to add about the ostracism of the Portuguese defender that" the coach does not count for much with him because he is counting more on me and Yeray, but I have no doubt that he will have to play. Every time he has played he has done it wonderfully ".

A well-assembled defense, with only 5 goals against: "The strongest thing about Athletic is defense, we are working hard in that direction. It is not only the work of the four behind, but the rest of the team. What they run it is a barbarity. It is a committed and united team, "says Iñigo Martínez, an absolute international and a pillar in the defensive gear of lions. The four games without winning the team restless after a start more than hopeful: "What you have to do is win as soon as possible to get out of the pothole in which we are involved and return to that feeling of strong and rocky team," he said. Radio Euskadi, which advances that they do not like "this dynamic" and that "talking about crisis at this point is unnecessary. Things are not going out, we are not quite right. We must work even more and not lose confidence. to be united ".

In addition, appeals to the self-criticism: "Every time we start winning we take a step back. We would be much better if we have more the ball and go for the second goal, although it is costing us to score goals, we are not fine facing goal ".

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