Hamilton prepares for Mexico's 'fight' with Chávez

The Mercedes rider took advantage of the arrival of the 'Grand Circus' in Mexico to participate in a boxing exhibition with Julio César Chavez, a legend of boxing in his country.

Lewis Hamilton took advantage of the arrival of F1 in Mexico to participate in a promotional event linked to boxing along with one of the legends of the ring of the Mexican country. Julio Cesar Chavez shared training with the leader of the F1 World Cup, who demonstrated his qualities on the 12 ropes.

As seen in the picture Hamilton showed ways and executed movements as if it were a professional. The Briton throws a 'jab' and during the simulated boxing match against Julio César Chávez.

The event took place on Wednesday a square in the Polanco neighborhood, one of the most central in the Mexican capital, in which the F1 legends, which accumulate six titles, and boxing, world champion in three different divisions exchanged blows in a relaxed atmosphere.

After the act both protagonists were delighted to have participated in the exhibition. "I really like boxing, it is one of the best sports and I am very happy to train with a great idol of Mexicans," said the pilot. "I am very happy to be with Lewis Hamilton, they say he has a good hook," Chavez replied.

Photos from as.com

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