Haland, within reach of Madrid after being polished by Solskjaer

The Norwegian battering ram is in fashion after its great start to the season. Haland is associated with United because of his affinity with the technician.

Many will be surprised, but the technical analysis of Haland, the young 19-year-old from Salzburg who follows Madrid and is the sensation of this start of the season, during his beginnings in the first team of the Mold, directed at that time by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he was blunt: "He is not a natural auctioneer, he is not a talent finisher. But he had an extraordinary capacity for learning and a lot of cold blood." In the latter, he looks like the Manchester United coach today, the boy-faced killer, as he was known in his football days.

Solskjaer does not presume to have taught him to lower his heartbeat just before making a decision, that comes standard, that is what is born. The Norwegian legend helped him in another way: he dedicated hours of training, collective and specific, so that he could decide better and better. Those movements that make him so different, that 360-degree vision, that calculated step to the break, that well-resolved body equation that allowed him to improve the shot is work, and many coach tips.

Then there is that calm, that behavior in the field as if it were in the schoolyard. That is his way of understanding life: with fun, without understanding of pressures. Prankster to excess, often with tricks that only he understands, but never with malice, Haland has taken everything that has come with the tranquility of a veteran. What has to come will come. He is associated with Manchester United, for the obviousness of sharing nationality with the coach. It certainly looks like a footballer who has just reached the elite, but will stay. In Norway it is light years away from the media attention of Martin Odegaard, the biggest sports star in decades. But it is followed with crossed fingers to confirm what it promises.

Photos from as.com
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