England's voracious precocity

The combined directed by Gareth Southgate has managed to rebuild and has managed to find the necessary solutions for the regeneration they wanted in the islands.

England is one of the most fit teams on the international scene. The team led by Gareth Southgate has managed to rebuild itself, has managed to find the necessary solutions so that the regeneration they wanted in the islands has been effective and has sown the first seeds of the English project of the next decade. Seeds, by the way, that come from a very productive a priori harvest that already begins to bear its first fruits of supreme quality.

Quality, youth and union can be three terms that perfectly define the current generation of the Three Lions. The coach has managed to move his work into lower categories of past years to convert the British Absolute into a competitive block that already generates headlines beyond the island territory, which generates foci towards the old continent and that values the English national product with a team that almost in its fullness is made up of Premier League players. Only Jadon Sancho (who plays in the ranks of Borussia Dortmund) and Kieran Trippier (who plays in the ranks of Atlético de Madrid) play outside England, extolling the argument that there is life beyond money in the English league championship.

England will face on this day of selections to Czech Republic and Bulgaria looking to take steps forward in their classification for the next 2020 Eurocup, and for this Southghate selected a list of summoned with an average age considered as one of the lowest of the Great European powers, with an average value of 24'2 years. This average suffered a last-minute variation, since one of the goalkeepers on the first list was Heaton, thirty-three (the oldest), and with his replacement, Henderson (goalkeeper of Sheffield United), has made the middle age will fall further, until 24'5 years. That is to say. There was only one player who exceeded thirty and due to injury, finally, he will not be, emphasizing even more the young value of this team that manages to lower the mark of the twenty-five years.

All this directed from the band by a Gareth Southgate that also stands out among the powerful cast of international coaches by their age, since the English coach is just forty-nine years old and now has more than three in the position of the Absolute. That is to say, another case of precocity, since when the FA offered him the position he had forty-five

Taking into account the last meetings of the Three Lions, the most common lineup is a team similar to this:

A list of summoned in which all the players are under thirty. Four are the players who are twenty-nine years old (Rose, Trippier, Delph and Henderson), being the oldest. But the relevant fact is that on the twenty-four list there are fourteen players who do not exceed twenty-five years. That is, 58.3% of the players. A generation of young players who are already fighting in the elite, who are already fighting sports week after week in the prestigious and media Premier League and now, together, come to the international call to take the floor in God Save the Queen .

Taking into account the youngest players, an alignment similar to this one would come out:

A regeneration that has managed to settle in the elite and that has left behind the classics Gerrard, Lampard, Ferdinand, Rooney, Beckham, Cole and company that ended up being more media cartel than sports results. Disappointment after disappointment until their respective international withdrawals. Thus, the change, the substitutions of chips, were mandatory and it seems that this generation (whose base has been leaving fantastic qualifying phases and that finished fourth in the Russian World Cup 2018) is the attractive final result of years of transition.

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