Disaster for the Ricky Suns: 25 penalty games for Ayton

Jug of cold water for the Suns after its excellent premiere of the course. On 1 of the 2018 draft, if the penalty is not lowered, he will not play again until 17-D.

The bruised Suns, who have not played playoffs for nine years and which Marcin Gortat has just described as a "brothel on wheels" when he said it was the worst NBA organization he had been through, took a huge joy on Tuesday when they opened season (and project with Marvin Williams on the bench and a very renewed rotation) with an overwhelming victory against Sacramento Kings (124-95). Maybe because of that skinny dog everything is fleas, but of course in what is a tremendous blow in the reconstruction of those in Arizona, the joy did not last even 24 hours for them: the center DeAndre Ayton has been sanctioned with 25 games for use of "substances not allowed" by the NBA and the players union (NBPA) .

Amyton consumed a diuretic substance. These are prohibited because they can be used to mask the use of other doping products. According to journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, no other substance has appeared in the analysis, which could soften the punishment: the NBPA will try to do so and will start the formalities to try, something that can be done according to the agreement in two cases per season . If the penalty is not reduced, Ayton will already miss tonight's Denver delivery (for which he was seen traveling with the team) and all the others to the Clippers-Suns on December 17,

"I apologize to my family, to the organization of the Suns, to my colleagues, to the fans and to the whole community. It has been a mistake without bad faith but I understand the impact that it implies," Ayton said in an official statement to which has been followed by another of the Suns, who ensure that actions like this "do not fit the principles" of the franchise. Of course, it seems obvious that the Suns were not aware of the possible suspension during a day in which Ayton was with the team normally preparing the game against the Nuggets after a great start to the course: 18 points, 11 rebounds, 9 / 14 in shots and, for the first time, 4 caps. In his rookie season he averaged 16.3 points and 10.3 rebounds with 58.5% in field shots. He was criticized, something that can be understandable for his youth (now 21 years), for his little defensive effort and his inclination to play outside the areas supported by his extraordinary arsenal of offensive movements. He had become accustomed to this as a star at the University of Arizona and to change it he worked all summer with one of the new assistants of Monty Williams in the Suns, Mark Bryant.

Amyton was number 1 in the 2018 draft, the first time the Suns chose first in their history. And although he entered the Best Rookie Quintet, he was a long way off in the fight for the Rookie of the Year award from winner Luka Doncic (number 3) and the Hawks base Trae Young (number 5). For this second season the Suns wanted to prove that he and scorer Devin Booker can be a viable young star pair from which they can once again become a team of important aspirations. To help with that plan, veterans such as Ricky Rubio, brilliant against the Kings, and those who will now have to fill Ayton's position in the internal rotation have arrived: Aaron Baynes, Frank Kaminsky, Checik Diallo ...

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